Hot pick? You are having a laugh QVC

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In the online 'extended hot picks' section they are touting 'Marvins Magic Drawing Board' - it has 18 reviews with an average of 1.3 however all but 2 of the reviews give 1 star, and have to be universally the worst set of reviews I have ever read. It's not even as if the reviews are about anything subjective such as a patterned garment that some people would love and others hate; people are saying the item doesn't work -poor regard for what their customers have experienced. Other companies (eg Cath Kimdston) take the trouble to add an online response - why don't QVC with their 'award winning' customer care do this? Perhaps because they can't excuse the inexcusable! I really pity those poor souls who will see the slick onscreen demo and not have access to the Internet to check out the reviews.


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I remember getting one of these for our son and daughter years and years ago. They had many hours of fun with it (particularly on long car journeys) so I can only think that the quality has gone downhill now....what a shame.


I think it needs to be warm (at room temp or slightly above) to work. I've never bought a marvins magic product but they seem like fun.


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At least Janie! Marvin was on QVC not long after they launched. I suppose kids consider it old hat nowdays.


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I bought one for my children when they first came out and they loved it ,but it did have to be warm, 10 mins on the radiator did the trick.
It was great when they were ill or during long car journeys for playing word games on.
But I suppose children are used to far more "exciting/ interactive" toys these days. Which is sad, learning to entertain your self is something todays children just don't do.

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I remember seeing them too, with tubes of gooey stuff you could attach to short straws and blow up into bubbles.

As it seems that these do work if warmed, and from the reviews it seems clear that this won't advised when they were being demonstrated, it would seem to common sense for QVC to respond publically to the reviews (ie put a response at te end of the review for readers to see). Such a shame that people will have disposed of theirs due to not knowing this (If it were me, I would have returned, but seems not everyone did)


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I ordered some 'hot pick' skechers once which were very odd and ill fitting ( I have had others that were ok but this item was a no go) - when they arrived I checked the reviews and they were almost all appalling and saying they had to go back, QVC must address the faults with this shoe. So QVC obviously thought, hmm, make it a hot pick....

They were saying, ooh, hot pick because these are extra special - outrageous when you've read the reviews they had received on them.

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