How are people finding the Channel?


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I like it, it's the channel I'm beginning to turn to during adverts etc.

Lovely to see the old faces back, Debbie, Julian, Paul, Antony, Dawn, even Claire Stuart is watchable.

One of the first times I turned over I think it was The one week special, and at the end Paul, went into Brucie mode.

Also like Becky Seddon, but that might be because she is pretty.


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I like it too! I don't do cards so I'm looking forward to some of the other crafts that are being promised. But there is variety and enough time to get into the finer detail where necessary. I watched the 'make your own lotions etc..' although once the guest had done one I got the idea so the rest of the demo's were a bit repetitive.


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I was watching Viva Decor designs the other, it was with Antony, he was struggling with some things the French guest was saying, yet the viewers


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I'm not a crafter but I think it looked great, relaxed friendly and professional. It was lovely watching Debbie Greenwood for a bit, she's a really good presenter.

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