How many lights are on Ellis ward now?


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Just landed on Gemporia while channel hopping, and nearly dropped my mug of coffee. Ellis Ward appears to be sitting under at least three floodlights.

I know Ellis isn't as young as some of the other sales people, but it looks really wrird. Is this to hide the fact that she's not so young any more, or is it to make the jewellery she's flogging look better? Or both?

Whatever it's for, it definitely scared the crap out of me!


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I have noticed she wear very pale foundation makes her face look white compared to her neck. Special lighting for the sparkle no doubt.


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Good grief, for want of a better word. I have not watched gems for absolutely ages and i turned on the laptop the other day and had a little look and nearly fell of the chair, what on earth has ellis done to herself, she looks like cruella de ville, for a moment i thought it was halloween, blimey, trying to look younger is one thing but she was ghastly white as well, does she lock herself in a cupboard out of daylight.


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Ive just seen her for the first time for ages and I can see what you are getting at. She seems to have that latest hairstyle that is pulled back off the face which I think is supposed to make your face look wrinkle free. I saw Caroline Quentin the other day and she has done the same. Ellis has really heavy make up on but I do feel that she has also had botox or the knife. The last time I saw her she was showing her age a bit but now she looks odd. Its sad that people have to do this rather than show themselves growing old gracefully. Unfortunately thats how life is these days.


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I haven't seen her for some time.I always thought she looked well for her age and had a healthy 'glow'about her persona in general.What a shame if she has jumped on the bandwagon of falseness.As to the lights.As well as the infernal lightboxes,are these to make the increasingly
lower quality gems look 'a million dollars'?

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