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Well, for those of you who've read my other thread you'll know that I'm a little fed up with GemsTV at the moment. :mad:

A lovely CS rep (who shall remain nameless) called yesterday to discuss my earrings that "have been fully refunded". Eh? They've been refunded? I didn't send them back until Saturday so they won't be with Gems until Monday. "Oh no, sorry, errrrrr .......... did you phone in today to complain about damaged earrings?", "No I phoned on Friday". and on and on and on ...... ok, you get the picture. Blood's beginning to boil at this point as CS rep had been asked to phone by a manager and wasn't fully up to speed with the problem - obviously. Not good. Why didn't the manager call????

I'm then offered ............ wait for it .......... a £10 voucher off my next order. Oh goodie! Yes, let me see, so after having used the £5 voucher off my earrings that leaves with me a grand total of £5 as a goodwill gesture - oh yes and then there's the small matter of having £875 out of my bank account for a week plus the £279 for the damaged earrings that shouldn't have got out of Gems Towers. Mmmmmmmm - £10 off? Thanks but NO NO NO. Getting more angry by the minute. :mad::mad::mad:

To be fair to the CS rep, after I'd calmed down and explained why Gems could stick their £10 where the sun don't shine, he offered me 10% off my next order. Now excuse me for being thick but why wasn't this offered up front instead of the poxy £10 off?

I've asked CS rep to speak to his manager so we'll see and in the meantime, bless, he's sent me his email in case I have any more problems. Very sweet and a nice bloke but I'm really not a happy camper.


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Bloody Norah! Talk about making things worse not better! Come on Gems, get with the script!!


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Oh Meeshoo I can see it now - both of us standing in the queue at the chemist waiting for our Blood Pressure tablets!!

I'm with you on this one - the Manager should have called you. To take all that money from your bank account when you didn't expect it could have landed you in a right mess. Imagine if that was to pay some Direct Debits then you would have had bank charges etc. Then to treat you so poorly when you called about your earrings - that was shocking. It's not as if they were £29 is it?!

10% off your next order is the minimum you should hold out for. As for the £10 voucher.....!!


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Sounds like adding insult to injury to me.....

T'would have been much better Meesh if they'd offered you the tenner and the discount....

Oh crickey this smilie thing is really catching........
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well meeshoo sounds like you been thought it bad again but jsut to offer £10 for all that is bad but 10% is a bit better but that should be the minimum you should take


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Mr. Gems Manager look into my eyes
You are getting v-e-r-y s-l-e-e-p-y.

When I count to 10 and snap my fingers you will call Meesh and offer her the Tanzanite earrings for £10.

What do you reckon? Think that will do the trick? :D

All joking aside, I do think that you deserve a decent amount of compensation. As Klosblue said, by taking that large amount of money from someone's bank account without authorisation could have landed them in some serious trouble. M xx
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too little too sloppy and too shoddy basically. i feel very sorry for the CS reps at the mo. they are the ones getting the flack for the changes that the management have set.

the website offerings r getting worse again, sloppy work by the stock people and the accountants r triggers happy. just not good enough to keep customers imo


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well i am just pleased i haven't got the money to spend at Gem's lol sounds like they are getting like QVC in the CS / management area hope you get a satisfactory outcome Meeshoo


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Brilliant post Melusina, I dropped off twice reading it.

Sorry to hear the saga continues Meesh, being a valued customer used to count for something but not much evidence of it here. I do hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction. It's a shame that Gems will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

I agree about the CS reps, they're copping the flack for management's boo-boos.

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