HP photoprinter TSV


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We have been looking for a while for a good and compact photoprinter and we are thinking to buy a Canon one
Is the TSV any good? Looks quite big and bulky

What always worries me is the cost of the cartridges and paper.


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eeek, it's a never ending dilema with printers and the running costs. Personally, if you are printing out loads of photos at the standard size then a dedicated printer (dye sublimation) that only does that would be better. These multifunctions are great providing you want to do more and are willing to compromise a little so the trade off is cost as dye-subs cost more. Personally, it looks like a good family printer that you won't be disappointed with.

HP's always look big and bulky but suprisingly, you realise the benefits of front loader when it comes to actually placing the printer somewhere. My Lexmark has a top loader so requires a few more centimetres of space at the back.
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I looked at a similar model a couple of weeks ago, but opted for the Canon MP630, as it had better reviews and was cheaper (£105). You can get generic ink cartridges (£20 a set) or Canon ones (£40 for a set), but they seem to last ages. OK, it doesn't do games or print music/graph paper. But that isn't what I use it for anyway. I think the TSV one is very similar to the Canon (though TBH I haven't watched the demos closely and could be wrong), which has a paper tray at the front, but photo paper must go through a separate tray at the back - so you have to leave room.
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I was agonising for weeks over a photo printer (mainly to use for kids school homework projects etc)...

I bought a HP A526 from Ebay (although £60 in argos)....it's one of the best purchases I've made...the ink costs around £15 a cartridge and I've found cheap photo paper in Asda (£1.50 for 30 sheets)...

hope this helps


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Best printers for photo's are Canon's.



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I will indeed go for a canon selphy printer, cp770-760 or es30 one, I haven't decided yet


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I have always used HP, whether for photos or run of the mill printing; you can't go past them for quality, plus their customer support is unsurpassable.

I do believe that this printer is, however, exceedingly overpriced. Tesco were selling, as comet is currently, a wireless/bluetooth all in one for approx. £54. One just has to be sure that it is not a discontinued model (it isn't!) as, normally when they are, they appear to be quite a bargain.

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