I am getting really worried about the stock now

Susie Wusie

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Watching Shaun on portable barbecue grill show at the moment and it always amuses me when they say they're getting really worried about the stock now, surely that's their job to sell stuff and therefore why would they be worried if it is selling out , that's the whole idea of selling isn't it ?


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I know, it's sounds really stupid, stock selling out is what you want, of course on a popular item you might be upset that you haven't bought enough in to meet the demand, but that's a different emotion all together. Personally I feel it's just another tactic to try and influence folks, who are undecided, into buying. Along with all the other rubbish they spout, like the best product ever, amazing quality the best you can get at the lowest price ever, they use the fear factor of being worried about stock levels, in the hope that viewers will rush to buy in case they miss out on this amazing bargain. ;)


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Every single thing they sell on air is going to sell out according to the presenters , always seems to appear later in the day or following day though
I know that I am apparently in the wrong forum but I don't understand Gemporia and stock.
I will explain!
Firstly I absolutely get it that when it comes to gemstones they are naturally limited because they are natural! But its when they are selling a n other product made in a factory that the presenters bemoan that they only have xxxx of them. This could be candles, jewellery boxes, candles etc etc. Again I recognise that a candle usually has some gemstone gravel, carving or tumbled stone but in the case of gemstone gravel I would expect that their cutting house can easily provide sacks of it. But the carvings or tumbled stones always have been of a plentiful mineral which I am sure could easily be sourced in quantity.I guess that a business would rather sell out of a stock line rather than have stock stuck in the vault/stock rooms but even so when a show runs out of a stock line which previous similar sales have demonstrated a healthy demand for it seems like poor business. I actually believe Gemporia stock levels as they usually have a live countdown on screen so when they say that the have nearly sold all of that stock we have on screen evidence. This of course contrasts with IW who daily seem to launch a Pick of the Day with insufficient stock for the 24 hours which the turns out to still be available in the 'last chance airing' at 8pm the next day! Could we 'dare' IW to have live stock levels on screen!?

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Yeah I get fed up with all the stock level shenanigans. Caught some of an eBike show yesterday and Mike interrupted the keep fit / coffee expert to say 'we're only 15 mins into our first show and already 20% of the stock has gone! It's supposed to see us through the 24 hours of this event!!!'

Now, what they WANT the viewer to think is 'oh sh1t, I'd better place my order NOW, they're going to sell out!'

What I think is 'ah, I see your buyers aren't getting ANY better at estimating how much stock they're actually going to need for a campaign / promotion!!!'

Actually I don't think that, cause I know it's ALL just smoke and mirrors ;) but if it WERE true, I'd most certainly be thinking 'sack your buyers!!!!' And in reality, how much of the stuff do selly telly sell that you really DO need to buy there and then? Think about it for a sec. How many products are unique to a day/week/month? How many products don't come back (in some variant) month in month out? As the old saying goes 'if you miss out don't fret, another one will come along sooner than you think.'

Of course, that's the LAST thing selly telly folk want you to think ;)


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The other day they had a Barbecue Blockbuster, get it before it sells out. I think it did sell out.

But a simular offer soon popped up, difference was I don’t think it had a bottle of gel with it, but had a E Coffee cup

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