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You might be right! Also, I am a bit wary of Gemporia and their fancy diamonds. My mother gave me a supposedly pink diamond ring and you cannot see the pink with your naked eye. I am hopeful you can with a specialist loupe, but I haven't tried.... And who enjoys their jewellery through a loupe anyway? Today Troth is selling champagne Diamonds with a supposed purple hue. I would never buy them for fear there would be as much purple in these as there was in my pink diamond ring....
Oh, well... They don't need me! Apparently, everything is selling out very quickly. My mother still thinks this frantic buying is not possible, that they cannot have so much people able to afford and willing to buy 24 hours a day! The proof is in the pudding: will we see these rings again? God forbid it's going to be like Nilamani. Several last chances, all selling out, all followed by more last chances
Wow... That was an emotional show. I was so sorry for all the hardships Ellis endured, with her mother, her husband, etc... But did you see the viscerally emotional relationship some in the audience have with the presenters and Gemporia? There were at least two people who said that Gemporia helps them emotionally. I have been watching TJC of late and I haven't seen such a close relationship there... Gemporia has managed to do more than sell to people. They have their hearts in many cases. During my masters, I sat through some marketing classes and the lecturer went on and on about how capturing people's hearts was the ultimate goal and how no one did it better than Apple. I think she should begin looking at Gemporia as a case study. Just... Wow!
I managed to resist buying a jigsaw... at the time of typing they are showing Destello on the main channel and... Destello on lifestyle. More Tatporia than Gemporia.
I think I will head over to QVC. They are showing jewellery all day. (Even if some of it is a bit grim.)
Neither would I! Hmmm... That probably means they didn't sell as well as they hoped. You can get puzzles for half the original price on Amazon, so I am not surprised they lowered it.
I don't think I've ever seen them do a new launch and then lower the price the very next day. I think the puzzle is nice and the box is a nice compact size but I don't have a burning desire to buy one
Who reminds you of a grumpy vampire, Kit10? David Troth?
Tatporia? Loved that! You have a winner in that name!
Yes, Mr Dave Troth! My heart sinks when he comes on, all miserable. I know there is going to be 35 minutes of a lecture and then ten pieces of jewellery that they won’t show the final price for until they are practically gone.

The puzzles are £19.99 today, I wouldn't be too happy if I got one yesterday at £24.99
Surely not!! Once again space must be tight in that minuscule warehouse. Noticed they reduced the tops, with much discussion on who’s head would roll on Monday. Yawn.
Oh, today we have Jake Thompson to treat us to some jewellery. What do you all think about him? I am watching him today at 4pm to see what I think!

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