i love it, we love it, we absolutely love it


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Sorry Jacquie Joseph but you still sound awkward and disinterested. She is like someone who has been put on a show for their very first go at presenting to see if they have any potential remember when contestants on games shows had to take part in a sketch, Bruce Forsyrh did one and Larry Grayson. Well she is like one of them. It is painful to watch so I turn off as soon as poss and check what is being sold on the web site. Thank goodness I don't have to rely on just the TV to see C&C

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I don't get the chance to watch C&C very often. I don't dislike JJ but some of the others can irritate me at times. If it's a show you really want to see it can be disappointing if the presenter spoils it for you.


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Jacqui actually said 'erm' in the middle of stating the price of an item, the other day. She said "£7 19 erm pence" For goodness' sake. Everything, even the most ordinary, mundane things are described as "incredible". I only had the show on less than a minute (I'm too intolerant) and she's never going to improve.


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I hate her forced enthusiasm but what really does my tree in is "magic hands can you write down this item number". Doesn't she prep her shows? Surely she sees the items before she goes live on air. I'm gritting my teeth more and more with her and unfortunately I've found myself turning her off even if it's a program that I really want to see.

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