Ideal World on Create and Craft including Maker Reward points


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Just before 7pm Andy Love said Fashion on Create and Craft tonight. Will see a selection of Ideal World products, with Maker Reward points available.

Also a couple of hours of stuff Saturday and Sunday

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Also it's a prerecorded presentation with "Certain featured products and product variants may no longer be available." displayed at the top of the screen. Definitely strange to be doing this especially as it would alienate most of their regular crafting audience, so either the Create and Craft studio must be having a refit or they're getting really desperate to make even more money out of their viewers.

Regardless of what it is, they must have a LOT of Woodland Leather products to shift :mysmilie_59:

Flying Pigs

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What would have been live crafting shows gone to make room for repeats of non crafting goods. Looks like at the beginning of next week C&C‘s schedule between 8 and 10 p.m. is back to normal. Will be interesting to see if they slip in IW programmes again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday next weekend. Is it a way of trying to get a US audience for IW or by having the maker rewards on IW products get C&C members to be tricked into buying rubbish?


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Yes it’s strange, I watched the 2 hours and even though Andy said it would Maker Reward points there was no mention of it.

I notice it had its own channel name Crafters Christmas Shop

Price Plunge

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As if Create & Craft viewers haven't suffered enough already, this evening they were subjected to a prerecorded drone show featuring Richard Mire; a form of torture which quite frankly ought to be outlawed by the European Court of Human Rights :mysmilie_59:

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