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I get the impression things are starting to go downhill again. It's back to a very limited range of products, with whole hours dedicated to a single item. If this new company was behind all those bid style channels that choked, it doesn't bode well. It's a pity as they started to pick up - new ranges and more variety - for a while, and presentations used to be more relaxed and not too shouty. Hope they don't go - with no other competition, QVC will continue to climb further up themselves.

If anyone remembers watching Bid TV and/or Price-drop TV, they made extensive use of audible cues such as a siren to indicate an imminent price drop, plus they also displayed the names of buyers such as "David from Peterborough" in a scrolling ticker display. Ideal World has been experimenting with similar features particularly since Aurelius took over; when Peter Simon was presenting a watch show they used the sound of "rattling jewellery" (I kid you not!) to indicate that a watch had limited stock or sold out, plus the occasional use of a buyers' names display showing a selection of customers.


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now that Aurelius are in the driving seat will they reissue the Peter Simon figurine? (Gold plated this time?)


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