If anyone is in need of a new duvet ...


was that summer?
I would like to recommend the Fogarty factory shop, which is based in Boston, Lincs. I was introduced to this shop 30+ years ago, by a friend who hailed from Boston, and over the years I have bought from them many times.
On Friday evening I purchased online an 'all seasons' (10.0 + 3.5 togs) Supatherm Hollowfibre King size duvet for £25 - I have seen the same quilt online elsewhere for £70, reduced from RRP of £90. It was delivered this afternoon, and an absolute bargain!
They make for many different brands, and the ones they sell from the facrtory shop come in plain plastic wrapping and may or may not have a brand label attached - The name 'Fogarty' has been snipped off my label, but I can tell it is theirs.
Definitely worth a look if you need any new duvets.

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