If you could what would you treat yourself to...


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So if you had the spare cash, won the euromillions, rich elderly relative you didn't know about died and left you wads of dosh..........what would you treat yourself to (as its a QVC thread obv something off them!).

For me it would be a Lulu Guinness bag, would like one of the lips clutches but Q don't do these so any of the other gorg Lulu bags on there. Oh and maybe a Clarisonic as well.

I know we're all stuck in the blooming recession but its still nice to dream.......:happy:
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Or Ojon Denis!

ladies, I feel this thread is going off topic............and I like it!!!!! lol

Ohhh Denis...mmm defo!


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Big guy who does the organic meat .......... joking. I agree with several Lulu bags, also kit out a gym with all the exercise gear (that would probably collect dust) and every kitchen gadget known to man.


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I'd buy some all singing all dancing posh coffee making machine and then employ someone to clean the blighter out each time it was used.


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Ok seriously, a shed load of Bare Minerals and Smashbox goodies and either Nina or SJ to apply them every morning!


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One of those stonking great diamond rings. And a hit man for Craig!

Boris Bear

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Definitely an AAA or even AAAA tanzanite ring.

Oh and some new footwear for you know who.:cheeky:


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Nothing I would want to buy from QVC. Would go elsewhere. Visit Paris do the Guerlain,Chanel,Caron and Serge Luten boutiques.

Higher Denis as my personal hairdresser, to come round at my beck and call.

Love A'kin

Order from QVC.. they have enough custom.

I would invest my money into Ideal World company, so this will put them on a level to knock QVC off their podium, tempt the BEST ONLY presenters from QVC to IW,
with higher fees, Make Loen Love exec presenter, placing JR as her assistant, and trash the 1-product-an-hour system. That would be a real treat for me, Improving IW, at the same time witnessing a QVC crumble.

I like it! :grin: Loen is fab! :sun:


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I'd buy up the whole entire QVC Beauty Inventory and give (most of) :blush:it to these guys:


Wow, well that certainly has given me food for thought this morning.

I am actually going to make up a parcel and send it to them, I have lots of unopened unused things like body lotions and pampery things I could donate - I'd rather they went to somebody truly in need rather than languishing in my stash:doh:.


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A mega set from SouthWestern Silver: Matching earrings, bangle, bracelets, necklace, ring all in turquoise and lapis mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Great thread xxx

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