In Shock!


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Hi @ All, I am new to this forum. I have shopped loads on Bid TV & QVC over the years. I have always kept an eye on this forum but never joined...

I was channel flicking & came across this channel & my little daughter asked.....

Mummy why is there a scruffy man on TV??????

I am not one to whine, but I could not believe my eyes, This Man, must be be producer or manager, Ali did keep saying name ED, he just looked awful, if you are in front of the cameras at least care about your appearance & not look like you just got off a park bench after a night sleep. :clapping:

I feel put off from shopping with this channel. Has any1 had a good experience with them?

Susan x
Hi and welcome.

It is a very informal approach that they take - some love it and some don't. I am indifferent. It is just an online shop to me. I rarely watch live but just check the website for regular stock or look at the items that are sold on the day.

However I have had mostly good experiences with the things I've bought from them. I buy from other places too if I know they are cheaper/better value.

I think Ed is one of the managers who is not usually in front of the cameras.