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Jun 17, 2009
Fareham, Hampshire
I had previously had an iPhone 3GS and got my contract upgrade last week. I got a 4S. Man what an amazing phone. Everything loads quicker, the retina screen looks so much better and the camera which on the 3GS and iPad 2 was poor is much more like a proper camera.

I am also gonna shock people by saying I found Phones4U really good. Okay they tried to get me to have their insurance more than once but apart from that I found them to be very helpful, got me on a cheaper package and I get two years free access to The Cloud WiFi which is just about everywhere you go in town.

I am also really pleased with my Orange package. I know when I tell my friends they think it is a lot but when you break it down it works out very good. It is £46 a month but I get;

iPhone 4S
Unlimited texts
600 minutes calls
1GB data and I am allowed to tether my iPad which is only WiFi and my laptop if I wanted or any other device (a lot of networks stop this)
Uncapped home broadband (BT would charge up to £20 for this alone)
Broadband home telephone giving me 01 02 03 and 30 countries free 24/7

I think that is pretty good.


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Well done PJ, negotiating a new phone package is often a hassle, particularly with all the add-ons these days. My DD has the IPhone4 and loves it. Its straight forward connectivity to other Apple products is superb...she says. The photo quality is very good and so easy to forward on to another IPad...mine in this instance. BT do charge more for unlimited BB, the package I've just taken up with them in the much advertised Spring Offers is only 10GB......which was less well advertised!

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