irritating presenter voices

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anne dawson (omg can any of you actually watch her for more than 30 secs without turning over or turning volume WAY down!!!)

marverine cole, a weird nasally/droning combo.

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anne dawson (omg can any of you actually watch her for more than 30 secs without turning over or turning volume WAY down!!!)

marverine cole, a weird nasally/droning combo.

I have to agree - the worst 2 presennters ever!!!!!


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It's when Claire Sutton puts on a 'baby' voice, I cannot bare it, and she does it more often than not.


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Chloe Everton for her monotonous voice
Jill Franks needs to blow her nose
Chuntley needs to take a breath before trying to get the full sentence out
And yep, all of the above.


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I don't find either Anne Dawson's or Marverine's voices annoying.

What irritates me is how people use their voices: Simon AND Biagi, who bellows at us as if we're all deaf. Sara Griffiths and her monopolising of shows she presents with guests, and her aggressive questions. Jill Franks and her incomplete sentences and rapid-fire delivery. Debbie Flint and the breathy amazement - so false. Charlie Brook and his delivery.


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Can't agree about Anne, I like her and her accent, although to be fair she has been known to squawk. Can't stand Alison Young's voice, Marverine is very irritating - why doesn't she just talk normally? Worst man is Simon Biagi and his utter fakeness and talks about everything like he's selling cheap washing powder. Claire's baby voice and fake bimbo nonsense is very annoying, Jill Franks when she does that Essex girl type voice and Debbie Flint with her fake amazement at everything.



It might be easier to ask who doesn't have an annoying voice. The list would be much shorter.


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Catherine, Julia, and Jill are unlistenable for me. There aren't really any presenters who have particularly great voices, I think Jackie probably has the best.


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I don't mind listening to Dale or Ali Keenan. Can't stand Jilly with her bran new and Pippa's yeah yeah yeah.


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Marv, to me she sound like someone whose new false teeth don't fit properly and she is trying to control them.:mysmilie_19: Now I do not actually think she has false teeth.

Ann, its not the Scottish accent. Its the very loud as if she must shout at her to pay attention.

Claire, the baby voice.

CHuntley, for the gushing over I love QVC and you must too. Please Please don't go out in the real world and buy things, its dangerous out there.

Charlie, would give the walking dead a bad name with the s l o w talking.

Alison, the loud I am the Boss, and the mispronouncing of words which I believe she does to sound different from the others.

Sara, another breathy delivery


OK, agree with all of the above from Donna. Also add:
Simon - doesn't sound natural
Julia - faux cute mode equals irritation mode
Pipa - yeah, yeah, yeah and shouting
Micael - verbal diarrhoea - talks too fast
Richard Jackson (if he counts) - sounds insincere
Alison Keenan - talks too fast
Jill Franks - talks too fast and often monotonous
and last but not least - DBF - irritating and insincere you-know-me-I'm-your-friend tone


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Sorry but I find all of them irritating these days. Not just because of the high speed guff which comes out of all their mouths nor because of the tone of their voices but because watching them, any of them, is no longer a pleasure. The hard sell routine just puts me off and they all do it. I find myself becoming annoyed when I hear lie after lie or push, push, push and the way they presume so many of us must be idiots and can`t see beyond the spiel.
The verbal gushing, the false sound of surprise in their voices, the imperious tones often telling us we need or must have something, the self promotion, the patronising tones, the pretence and so on and so on, makes every sound which comes out of their mouths grate on me, end of.


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I've just thought of another one who gets on my nerves. Kathy Taylor and her faltering and falling over her words. I caught 5 minutes of her fashion programme the other day and she was terrible. Had to quickly turn over.


I think what it all boils down to is the more they're told to push sales, the more unwatchable they become, at least if my viewing habits are anything to go by. I used to enjoy watching and buying, now it's hardly ever on and if I do watch a programme, I flick over as quickly as I've flicked onto it. Occasionally I'll record a brand I like, but I still mostly flick through at speed 64. If it's someone like Marverine or DBF, it doesn't get watched at all. If I'm typical of their previously loyal customers, it doesn't look good for them.


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I'm sitting watching Julia Roberts now. She is REALLY over doing the ingenuous girly flirting nowadays. Looks ridiculous in a woman approaching her 60s.

And really, if she thinks that all the hair flicking, speaking glances and fingers straying across the cleavage is a good idea, then someone at QVC ought to step in and explain to her that most viewers are mature women. Few of them want to be on the receiving end of such silliness. I certainly don't!

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