Is Create And Craft's Customer Service Really In The UK?


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You wouldn't believe it after the email mum received. She went to the trouble of phoning the customer services as part of an order hadn't arrived. After getting frustrated with the brilliant English spoken by the agent the expensive call was ended with her being told that they would look into it.

She forwarded the email to me and frankly the mind boggles. The note she put on her email to said "I know I am fussy about correctly written letters but this takes the biscuit!!!"

Below is the email she received.

Dear Mrs. ,

Good day from Create and Craft.

We are sorry to inform you that there will be a bit delay in sending the order containing the Tattered Lace Large Die Storage Solution Clear Inserts as our supplier is expecting to send it within 2-3 weeks.

There is no enough items to be sent however, they are expecting a delivery for the item to be arrived within this week.

Should you have any further questions in relation to this query please respond to this email or call our Customer Service Department on 08717 123455*.

*Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charges.

Yours Sincerely,

Abelardo Palen

Create and Craft
Customer Service Department


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Probably because they have been on about it being brought back for 2 or 3 years now and then some was eventually brought to Peterborough but they seem very limited in what they can do from there. They did sort out my membership from there though when it was mucked up. I can sympathise with your Mum Nutsville, I've had some pearlers over the years - once forwarded a bad one to one of the big noises but it didnt make any difference.


some of C&C's call centre operations have been brought back to the UK. But the majority of them, including any regarding customer service, are still based abroad, hence your classic Indian call centre email.


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I'm not sure where the caller I had was from.
He had a very pleasant manner and seemed concerned when I asked him why I had half my parcel missing.However,his English was so poor I could not understand him.I asked to speak to a supervisor but made no progress.I said goodbye.Next day when I phoned the person had a heavily accented but understandable voice.I asked if they were in the UK and he said he worked for a U K company. Managed with difficulty to explain the problem.This was about five years ago.After reading reviews I can see nothing has been done to resolve the situation.


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I suppose a good Contact Centre is a good Contact Centre. I guess it doesn't really matter if the Contact Centre is offshore if it's good. Barclays use offshore Contact Centres and in my personal opinion they're absolutely fine.

However, when a Contact Centre is offshore and it's poor it can be very frustrating. But I genuinely know of no other company other than Ideal Shopping that clearly have very poor, offshore Contact Centres and even worse use a '09' Premium Rate number.

Does anyone know of one single other retailer that uses '09' numbers? I know Tarot and 'Dodgy' lines do and sometimes Voting on TV Shows but not much else. :mysmilie_59:


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I find the customer service people very amiable and competent as long as there's no complaint or problem. They are fine putting in orders and passing the time of day but if it is something off their script they don't understand. Maybe they should have a UK call centre for problems/complaints and an overseas one just for orders.



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Totally agree Wirral - I think this is a real case of "get what you pay for" and they are paying as little as they possibly can and the quality reflects that,

Talk to companies like Barclays, Netgear and Vodafone they are clearly offshore - but the service is perfect,

The location of the centre seems to make a lot of difference from my personal observation - India being awful but Malaysia being pretty good, Maybe down to minimum wage and how well they treat the team?

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