Is Ellis leaving TJC?

Tilly O

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Ellis has mentioned she was hosting the last Wednesday evening last night and today it's her last accessories show. Any ideas where she's headed?


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Ellis said she needs to spend time with her family,but we will see her again. Colin, the CEO? Said she is off to pastures new.


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Ellis has jumped ship, she's presenting on Gemporia, just been flicking through on the web and she's on Rocks at the moment.:mysmilie_14:


She had some good comedy value. I personally wish they'd get rid of Chloe Marshall, the silly, shouty old bag! Her gnarled hands make her look about 104. It's like viewing the freakish opening of an Egyptian sarcophagus and seeing a ring on an embalmed mummy while being shouted at and slightly patronised by a Notting Hill resident!

Flying Pigs

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Chloe and Ellis started together on the launch of IW.


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Then Chloe moved from Ideal World to & before going to TJC :)

The Insider

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Then Chloe moved from Ideal World to & before going to TJC :)

Love Chloe - always has you on edge when things are going wrong as you can feel she's about to pop at the crew.

Don't remember her working for George Spitaliotis? She did Home Shopping Europe, YES661, Factory Outlet TV and Friendly TV.


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I find Ellis a bit irritating,but quite like Chloe. She does lose it from time to time ,although sometimes she overdoes it, as in when she is convincing customers she has had it out with the managers about prices and has gone over their heads to drop them lower .She gives the impression she is about to be sacked.Cant work out if she really is fighting for lower prices or its a sales ploy.

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