Is it true that IW is going to broadcast in HD on Freeview?

Heard one of the presenters mention HD in passing the other day, but no date given. Seriously though, another shopping channel taking up an HD slot on Freeview when we've lost the excellent AlJazeera and there's no room for Film Four. Not looking forward to Peter Simon bawling out "...and at that kind of buy" in HD.

Susie Wusie

VIP Shopper
And his famous saying this is quite simply blah blah feck off Peter sorry guys but he gets on my T**s
Me too, especially when he says "Just buy it, just buy it now"
l would really like him to be reprimanded for being rude , this is not the way to speak to customers.
Can you imagine going into a shop and looking at something and the sales person coming up and saying just buy it, just buy it now. l would walk out after complaining to the manager and defo not buy a thing.

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