It's taken me a while...but Eureka! I've found it!


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TJC is now my "go to" channel...this is not because I'm remotely interested in buying jewellery, though some of it is tempting..It's the other crap they sell. It's all the random low end crap that the sit ups used to sell. I used to love watching sit ups for that reason, questionable fragrances, cheap handbags, scarves, ornaments..listening to all the high end spiel they used to come out the scarf that'll give you the look and feel of Hermes, nobody will tell the difference unless you tell them..that sort of thing! The smart watch for £19.99 but if you look a bit closer that's how much you'd have to pay per month for 4 months...Wrong I know, but I've missed all those shenanigans, wrong because they're trying to hoodwink people..but entertainment wise..oh so right! Even got some of the old presenters..Good old frumpy tilt head for a start! By the look of this forum I've been missing out for a very long time. Now to make sure I don't actually start buying things!


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Definitely a good watch for a laugh, cos the trickery's hilarious! They were flogging a Balmain designer bag, they urged us to checkout Balmain's website to see the prices of their high end perfumes handbags and skincare etc. ..then showed a screenshot of a very mundane black Balmain tote bag with a price tag of over £700. He said we're not going to "auction this" we've been given a price were going to sell it for.....£199! Then quickly he said "No, £29.99"! I'm thinking this is a bit weird ..but when he showed a close up it was printed with BALMAIN with the word parfums printed underneath. I immediately get to thinking, I'm sure Balmain bags do not have the word parfums printed says "Paris"..wonder why this is..and then I twigged! These bags are obviously left over stock from some kind of promotion they had on perfume or know the 2 products from our range and get a free holdall, which will basically be any old cheap bag, or umbrella or whatever with their name printed on it..a probably not worth a fraction of the £29.99 they're asking for it. I'm sure a lot of unsuspecting folks think they're getting an absolute steal with this bag, and they're getting a designer bag. To be fair they did tell us it that it wasn't leather..No wonder they didn't have a starting the damn thing was obviously a freebie in its past life. These channels will try anything!


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I seem to be watching more TJC than mainstream TV these days as it’s so entertaining. Especially when they fire through products. Was massively entertained watching someone flog a salad spinner the other night for £4.99. Guessing some people are desperate for one because they shifted lots. Was wondering if this was an audition for the presenter for a job because he was giving it his all? Hope they continue this success and challenge the almighty QVC, would be lovely to see some retail wars on telly 😀


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They were selling some pink beauty sponges the other day. The branded ones sell for £44 a pair in shops apparently and TJC were selling unbranded but same materials for £3.99 a pair. They had sold over 700 in minutes while I was watching. They have some good deals.

There's a guy live from Brazil on sometimes selling jewellery. Some of it is quite entertaining, a nice change to the other shopping channels.


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I must admit I agree, I don’t watch shopping channels but do hop on and off, less than I used to but still do it. Gems TV irritates me beyond belief so never bother even hopping on that one, Ideal World is my go to to actually buy from but yes I’ll look at TJC website now and again, because they take too long to sell on the TV to hold my attention, not as long as the three hours per item on Gens, but nevertheless still too long for me. Out of QVC and TJC, TJC is the better of the two, prices most people would want to pay for the items they want.

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I don't understand why for most items they need 2 presenters and the ridiculous start prices do my head in ,they must think we are very very very stupid if we believe all that they say and the look of shock and horror when they finally get to the final price, nobody can ever believe it, good acting 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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