IW toy demonstrator on Dragons' Den

Don't know whether anyone will find this interesting, but I did!
The toy demonstrator that's always on Ideal World (weird inflatable putty stuff, remote controlled helicopters etc) has just been on Dragons' Den with a tv token gadget and his appearance ended with him being told to get out!

It's quite interesting because he talks about his toy distribution business and working with shopping channels. I thought he was just some crazy guy that works at Harrods demonstating toys full time (like Mohamed from Big Brother).

Anyway, here's the link....



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I saw him too but couldn't put my finger on who he was at first. My first thoughts were with his product was what is there to stop a child from just unplugging the device. Kids are clever with technology I doubt it would take too long to figure that one out

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Hello, I just joined, been reading for tips info etc for a while.

This is the man who I saw the other day selling what was called a "flying bat" isn't it? He didn't do very well in the Dragon's Den, but it's hard to feel sorry for him for the same reason they hoped he failed. Why did he go on there, how odd.

Postman Matt

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Richard Myers comes a cropper on Dragon's Den

The dragoons accused Richard of taking them for fools, and of trying to sell them a product he had got cheap for far too much money. He presents on Ideal World - can anyone see a connection?????


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They wiped the floor with him.........back to the drawing board :D

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