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PLEASE Jacqui, will you stop saying things are 'stunning'. I gave up counting during one show, after she said it 12 times in the opening 10 minutes. From then on in, I burst out laughing every time she used the word I:mysmilie_17: Otherwise, she is one of my favourite presenters. I think she is stunning :grin:


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I don't think she can think of anything to say really, she seems disinterested in the products. Apart from !"stunning"! she says "I love it" "we love it" over and over again. I found she was on both the live and the repeat programmes over the weekend so couldn't watch. Thank goodness I can check what they are selling via my pc without watching. OK sometimes things are sold out but I have enough to stock my own little warehouse anyway so it is no big deal.


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I can't watch her. She's back again with the "Magic hands, Magic hands write down this item number". She obviously doesn't do any prep of the hours. Don't forget the "oh wow!!" that he squeals. She's also acquired a new one of a drawn out "ok" when she can't think of anything to say. If it isn't sewing or fabric she looks and sounds totally bored and I agree disinterested is a perfect word. I was out the other day so thought I'd catch up and watch the non-live hours but I was greated with her on both channels, so I found something else to watch. She's an absolute nightmare.


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I like her as a presenter. She obviously loves to craft too and sew which means she can relate to what is going on.

Well done, keep up the good work :)


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I definitely think she is a crafter as she bought in some of her work and listening to her talk I am pretty sure that she is interested in the presentation. Maybe that's part of the problem she is too busy watching to think of something original to say. I have to say she is not one of my favourite presenters although she is a lot more suited to C & C. I was really impressed with the way she got stuck in to doing a painting one Sunday morning I was watching she was desperately trying to keep up whilst doing stock updates etc which is more than I have ever seen the other presenters do.

mr tom

A new era? same old sh#t.
I think she does well and seems far better suited to the crafting than selling radiators etc.


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I have to say she has grown on me since the first few week when she started on the channel.

Everything was wow, wow, wow 4 or 5 times a second. Unbearable. But I also have to say I could never do that job.

It's only just recently she has started using the same words again and again, again. So stop it babe!!

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