Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????


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i too didn’t have children. Started periods very young, quite heavy most of adult life. Started menopause at 48, periods stopped almost immediately but hot flushes lasted for over 15 years and I still get them now and again. Just shows how everyone is different.


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I, too, started my periods early I was coming 11, I didn't start menopause until 53 or 54. I actually thought I was going through it a few years earlier and ignored going to the doctor. Turned out it was my thyroid, I was sweating my periods getting lighter.


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Just turned on QVC and the annoying JF has appeared with Molton Brown. Had to switch over immediately, pity as I like MB but just can't listen to her!
The other week she was on The Jeremy Vine show and was on her high horse about some Brexit and spouting Political stuff!
Again, I switched her off!

How on earth do these people get these jobs? Any fans of her out there? Maybe I've just had a bad day at the office, LMAO!!! :rolleyes:
I can’t take her seriously when she does all these appearances

Jack Bohlen

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Its called self promotion.

Do you think there's more to it though? What posesses these people to want to appear on panel shows? It can't just be money. It must be the thrill of checking yourself out on the vanity monitor in the studio or something. A desperate need for the validation you never received from your parents during your formative years? I guess it's like me or you posting stuff here, a desperate need to be heard? Although I don't really feel 'desperate' ... I usually post because I'm bored.

It's a bit like the phenomenon or trend for women of a certain age and type feeling this desperate need to have a book published. Half the presenters on QVC seem to be flogging a book 'they've' written. It's like they are all competing with each other ... like they are trying to get one over on their peers or something. It's most bizarre. A friend of mine goes on these 'writing retreats', from what I can gather she just sits around with other women somewhere in the West Country and gets smashed on red wine. Now one of my hero's is Hemmingway and he was a drunk, but I don't think Debbie Flint Or Julia Roberts could be the next Hemmingway ... I could be wrong.

Gawd knows what kind of state the draft looks like when it reaches the publisher, I feel for the proof-readers and editors who have to sort it out and turn it into something vaguely readable. All publishers want is a name, any monkey can write a book, but a publisher needs a familiar name to flog copy. Do the QVC presenters realize this or are they on some weird ego trip? Maybe being on a panel show spouting your views on subjects you know very little about other than what you've read in the Daily Mail is a form of ego trip? Who knows!?

Jack Bohlen

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I’m not an old fuddy duddy

Oh come on you old fuddy duddy ... I'm sure you could rock this look 🙄🥳


Totally Loopy Lou

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Anyone catch Jemma today? Why does she insist on dressing like a 16 year old influencer when she must be nearly 60? Good luck to her I suppose.
I like Jemma but I loathe panels shows such the one I think you’re talking about, so no didn’t see it...!

But she’s a grown woman who can dress as she chooses - and clearly feels good and confident in what she chooses to wear?!