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Paula Bennett

Hi All,

I thought I'd let you know that you can now watch JewelleryMaker on Virgin Channel 756 and FREESAT 807 24hrs a day!

We are moving studios over the next couple of weeks so don't miss our LIVE shows this week. Wednesdays show is 2-5, Thursdays show is 2-5pm and Fridays show is 9am until midday. You will then be able to see some new PRE RECORD shows during our downtime.

I'll pop back on here with an update on the re-launch and the new LIVE show hours very soon but I can tell you that I'm off to China to meet Sarah & Steve this weekend to arrange some very exciting Jewellery Making goodies for Xmas!

By the way, I've had a meeting with the IT department this week and they are working on the LIVE web stream next!

Kind Regards

Paula Bennett


New member
That's brilliant Paula!

I'm a Virgin watcher, and have just switched over - been making jewellery for about two years on and off so am really looking forward to lots of inspiration and goodies!

Jinny x


VIP Shopper
I was channel hopping yesterday evening on FreeSat and was very pleased to find the channel.

Mrs James

aka bella battenburg
yikes have just flicked over and found this.....5 minutes with a blonde lady who i'm presuming is new to the game? and full of ball(s) innuendo....Talk about a comedy of errors! Yuk

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