JM By Julien Macdonald Fashion TSV 05/10/21


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Well, I hope it does better than his jewellery range which seemed to disappear without trace pretty suddenly.
Was his clothes range on Q years ago?

Suppose he needs an outlet now Debenhams has closed.

Jill F will be fighting to present the shows as she wears a lot of his stuff.

I didn’t remember his jewellery which is unusual as up until this past 18 months I watched most jewellery shows.


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Agree ILATI, Debenhams closed must have loads of clothes hanging unsold in the warehouse.

Don't expect high-end designer stuff, it will be department store range.


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See, confusing who is buying up whom these days.
And don't believe all those stories on QVC about long-established companies with a century of tradition. Bell and Howell spring to mind, but there have been many others where Q stress their long history.

Utter rubbish, the names have just been bought up (after they went out of business) by other companies, probably Chinese.


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Just discovered that Boots is no longer Boots, on Radio 4 about 1245, but I didn't catch it all so not sure of the details. apparently it is now American owned


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Boots was taken over a while ago, definitely by an American group. And Clarks' has finally finished, very unhappy workers in one part of the country not getting paid and despite the claims on QVC about a strong British business, most of the shoes were done in other countries.


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I think it's Walmart taken over Boots..not too sure.

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there is a JM By Julien Macdonald Fashion TSV 05/10/21
FASHION ??? oooooh, can we expect a T shirt with a swan motif made out of little mirror tiles ?
I’m expecting a little TSV number from the new JM Autumn - Winter 2021/22 collection.
That I may free is suitable following a vaccination booster for perhaps my possible future debut down the supermarket aisle.


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Thanks, Donna, of course it is. I knew it was Wal..something or other.

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Habitat and Sainsburys are now Argos too.

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