John Scoot's walk for Charity

John Scott

VIP Shopper
I can't believe its here already
I have been banging on about it for weeks
Tomorrow I do my sponsored walk for Target Ovarian Cancer at Knebworth House with my mate Sarah Greene
She lost her mum Marjie to this silent killer
You can read all about it here on page 14 of last months magazine
I am overwhelmed and very humbled by the fact that so many of you have sponsored me for this great cause
I know times are hard but any amount no matter how small is greatfully received
Thank you
lots of love
John xxxxx

John Scott

VIP Shopper
Can't believe I just spelled my own name incorrectly!!!! well I am in for the early early shift and the eyes arent focussed yet!!! xxxxxx


In an Ideal World ...
Could have been worse, imagine the spelling mistakes available if you name was John Shot :p

All the best with your walk :)


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