John Scott on the move to pastures new


New member
Do I detect their disappearance anytime soon? I think they've been hanging on by their fingernails for ages, keep changing the methodology, talking crud about how they are selling below cost, etc. They surely can't last. I flipped over and saw a blonde presenter (now, that IS unusual!!) yesterday and she had as much charisma and interaction as a dead fly.

Looking at this new shift pattern don't think he will be the only one.
not starting till 1pm, if that isn't saying something nothing is.


Morning Sara :hi: hope you are well. Thanks for the info on John, can't quite imagine him crafting but I expect he has a lot of fun with it, must have a look! I miss his naughtiness so I hope he hasn't calmed down too much lol. My thanks to Bunny too.

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