Jojoba Show - Akward


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Jojoba Show - Awkward

In terms of presentation, terrible show tonight. Why? Because Nitesh doesn't listen. He is impatient and can't wait to say what he's got to say (at the other presenter's expense).

Presenter Lindsey was left speechless as Nitesh fluffed his way through boring slides, bored viewers rigid by reading words off the back off a packet for ages and stared blankly at the screen when Lindsey was talking.

Who's respinsible for these shows? Urgh
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Susie Wusie

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I really don't know why they don't just leave the presenters to present, the guys that come on to either assist or hinder the presenters just make people turn off, Nitesh and co are a waste of space
Nitesh is the absolute worst - no empathy at all with the audience (or his co-presenters, for that matter). Never says hello to the viewers (do any of them?). He was on with Derek the other day and Derek mentioned that Nitesh had had the toothache the night before (I suppose in an attempt to make him more human). Nitesh blanked him completely and went straight into the hard sell !

Susie Wusie

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Yes he's even worse than Amit, Amit goes on and on and on but I can understand most of what he's saying Nitesh just rambles on and it goes completely over my head

Susie Wusie

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And now we have Vikram on with Chris and I am sure he just said that the ring they're showing will go with your handbag, I've never ever heard of anybody saying about a ring going with your handbag and I must say I never ever make sure my rings go well with my handbags!!!!!!!


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The handbag buyer is funny when she's on with Marina. She's the only one who doesn't make me want to throw my TV through the window.

Nitesh is like Q's Debbie Flint, but without the human warmth and empathy

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