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Am I alone in finding Jackie K's joking habit irritating? She only tells 'jokes' when she's presenting with Ruth L. I suppose their appeal is that they are really, really stupid. She stamped her foot and yelled like a spoiled 10 yr old, "But it's so funny," when Ruth groaned. From the messages she reads out, it seems many ladies are enchanted by her. It may only be the gin drinkers who are getting tiddly who find her amusing. Any comments?
The joke is Ruth L is earning a fortune and old Jackie is not doing to badly as well,the joke if any is on the people who buy this expensive stuff,the comedy and gin routine is obviously paying dividends!
Agree. I mean, who is buying the Christmas tree jumper at £62??? Rip off or what! Just go to Primark, £10 or Marks and Spencer, £29 if you want a jumper to wear for all of what, 4/6 weeks. I really couldn't justify paying such a ridiculous price - I'd want it to cook me a Christmas dinner, and wash up for that price!!🌲
In fact, I've never understood the criticism that Jackie used to be a 'serious journalist' before she joined Q because when you look at some of the awful and horrific things she covered during her time at GMTV, I don't think anyone could blame her for trying her hand at something a bit more light hearted to be honest.
I mean she interviewed Ian Huntley a few days before he was arrested for the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman FGS. I don't care what anyone says, things like that must take their toll after a while.