Judith Williams Skincare


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Is this any good? I was watching the 8pm hour with AY and Judith can certainly talk a good game, the prices are pretty reasonable as well. Any fans on here or anyone recommend the products?


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Her stuff is packed with parabens to maintain the 3 year shelf life and are heavily perfumed. On principle I won't buy her stuff because she is not honest about her own cosmetic enhancements. She's botoxed to the hilt and has the classic trout pout (a bad one at that - she suffers the same upper lip problem Lesley Ash did). She clearly does not have faith in her own products and has resorted to cosmetic surgery to perpetuate a myth that her "youthful" looks are down to her skincare products.


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She was stating on the show that she's never had Botox, well on her forehead anyway, which was pretty evident the way she wrinkled it up. Although I'm sure she is not the first to tell a fib if that is the case. She certainly has a lot of glowing reviews on Q's website.


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Her collagen pen was so awful & that put me off her range - until yesterday when I stumbled across a mousse cleanser with face brush.
I really fancied that so ordered 3 for me & my girls.
I'll probably end up with 3 cans of mousse though lol


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I've used quite a bit of the Phytomineral range Lulu, and I really rate it. I wouldn't say it feels the most 'natural' stuff in the world - it's not on a par with A'Kin for example - but if your skin gets on with it, as mine does, then for the price it is amazing, particularly the moisturiser which when bought in the duo works out at just over £6 (inc P&P!) for 50ml. I would say deffo give it a go and exercise the 30day MBG :nod: :clapping:

HTH :hi:


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Well now I'm into my 30's I keep thinking, mmm maybe I should do something more than just wash the face! I do go through periods of religiously applying stuff and then get fed up! I think my problem is because I'm on the curvy side (nice way to put it! lol) I dont have wrinkles or any major worries other than the occasional spot or three (which my Clarisonic is helping to clear up no end!). My problem is I just cant be arsed applying the stuff! lol What I need is a spray mosturiser that dries in 10 seconds flat, I dont need to touch it and I can stick my make up on asap. lol

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