Julia Roberts


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I see she's back on air after her rather nasty injuries. I'm surprised that she doesn't have to self isolate as she has a form of chronic leukaemia - my neighbour is doing, with the same illness.


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I am really surprised to see her on air as I thought she would have to self isolate with her blood disorder. I didn’t know she had been injured recently.


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I suppose the presenters are practising social distancing ....we have to do it in the supermarkets


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Yes I’m surprised she’s not self isolating being in the high risk group because let’s face it social distancing won’t help her, but I suppose if the pull of being looked at and adored on tv means more to her than her own health well, that’s a shame. She probably doesn’t want to abdicate so will do her shift regardless.


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If she's as vulnerable as all that, then I'd have thought QVC wouldn't have her back at work for their own protection as well as hers, in case something happened to her. I know the first thing they did where my daughter works was to send all the pregnant women home.


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I am really surprised to see her on air as I thought she would have to self isolate with her blood disorder. I didn’t know she had been injured recently.
She had an operation on her ankle that had been weakened by polio. She tried to do too much, was cooking & lost her balance, grabbed at those slippery marble work surfaces in her new kitchen without success. Broken arm & lower leg in a boot meant that she was away from QVC Towers longer than she expected.

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In addition to her health issues shes not too far off counting as elderly!


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Well I've had an NHS text plus a letter identifying me as high risk, - I have Lupus.

As for these modern tiled floor kitchens, look lovely but are lethal. 23 years ago I had large tiles on the floor in the kitchen of my new house - which was a new concept back then, and the floor layer insisted that a non slip coating was applied otherwise there was the danger of me slipping on a wet surface. A wet tiled floor is like a tiled worktop only more lethal.
Haha I agree with you, too much of an attention seeker to be off air. She has all those male admirers to keep entertained during the lockdown haha.

She's actually on now, can't believe how much weight she has piled on. Heading towards her late 60's, will be hard to shift, so we will be greeted to all that overhang for years to come. That top is much too tight. Her stomach is bigger than her boobs now. Also, to pair it with white trousers...who makes these decisions.
I know haha but, in her mind, makes her boobs look bigger (despite them being smaller than her stomach) and her hair makes her look years younger....like people have said, even despite her having underlying health conditions and being elderly, nothing will stop her from showing off in front of those cameras.


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she's not elderly shes middle aged


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she more than likely looks better in real life figurewise

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