Julian exQVC on TJC

Susie Wusie

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At 8.50am scrolling thro l saw Julian ex QVC presenter etc on TJC with Carmel, also an ex QVC presenter


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Can’t stand him I hope he never goes back to Q although i have to say I don’t usually watch much these days but have turned on a few times while in lockdown.


Does fuzzy logic tickle?
I remember Julian on qvc but I can't remember seeing Carmel, maybe before my time.


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I wasn’t surprised Carmel didn’t stay longer than she did she fitted in well going on about her wedding (both before and after it) every other minute. I don’t think Queen Julia liked her from what she’d say on air to her, you know those little “only joking” digs and the looks she gave her, are any of us surprised about that? I think not.


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I had TJC on in the background this morning and I was surprised when Carmel said she'd been there for 7 years. If I'd have had to guess how long since she'd been at Q, I'd have probably said 4 or 5 years.
Time does certainly fly by doesn't it?

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