Just For Fun - Who Would You Like To See Presenting On QVC


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Yes, Jeremy and Julia presenting Kirks Folly. OOOhhhhhhh yas...... !! [insert a little bulldog picci right here].


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I would like to see the Pompoos 'Prince' lookalike (can't recall his name dahling) Is it Harald Gluck or similar? You know ze one who tells us we are all zo beautiful and zat we are all princezzes. Anyway, I'd like to see him presenting with Ruby Wax as there would be a major clash for the limelight & Ruby would get a load of tasty gossip out of Harald.

Also, I'd like to see Jo Brand on with someone who takes themselves really seriously (JR & AY spring to mind) so that she could really take the pee out of them.

And.... I'd like to see Simon Biagi on with Julian Clary. I can just see the sweat breaking out on Simon's top lip now!


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Can we vote for fictitious characters too? How about Gene Hunt presenting with Claire Sutton, girlie gushing v alpha male sexism. Not sure what show they could do, a craft hour maybe?

BTW adore the idea of Paxman presnting Quaker Fashion, I can just picture the look of contempt and disbelief on his face and as for blowing in that stupid duck noise thing....


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Failing that,Graham Norton:giggle:
That's exactly who I was thinking of - doing a Northern Nights show.

Also the thought of Katie Price on with Alison Keenan and Jo Brand/Dawn French with Jill Franks brings a smile to my face!


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Someone like Peter Kaye or Billy Connolly .......... I can just imagine the ad libs and them both saying it as it really is, as they both do 'real life situations' stand up comedy.

Or maybe Anne Robinson, as she 'takes no prisoners.'


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Thanks for that link, I love Chocolate. I've always wanted to see that sketch! So funny to hear Dawn extolling the virtues of Diamoneek!


I would like to see Billy Connolly co-presenting with JR. I can imagine him getting so pee off at some point, turning his head, touching the back of his hair, raising an eyebrow and saying mockingly: 'oh, aye, we are all important now'. :giggle:

Harald co-presenting with Simon Wilson, because he (S) deserves it.
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I would love to see craig revell hallwood with leonard from nina leonard range presenting together. That would be worth watching for an hour.

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