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No idea when the ad was placed, but those are just basic wages. Holidays 23 days most companies give 30!
No wonder no one gives a sh*t about returns to the warehouse.


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I forgot to say, a friend's son Xmas 2019 at 17 got a temp job with Amazon in the warehouse. He was getting paid £11+ per hour! Which over the min wage for his age, he loved the job and really hoped they would keep him on. No they didn't.


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Why would they want someone who is deadline driven & can handle goods efficiently & accurately when that doesn't appear to be how the warehouse operates?
So many things in the job description we could question:

“Distribution is about getting the right stock to the right place at the right time“
FAIL! How many of us on here have received items weeks after dates specified, or the wrong colour or size, or items meant for someone else??

“Our Distribution Team members get this right, meaning we make a great experience for our customers all over the country”

FAIL! Unless you’re a QVC presenter or celebrity or blogger.

”You’ll be a great fit for us if you are deadline driven, and can handle goods with efficiency and accuracy”

FAIL! See all above.

“PC skills are essential at QVC as we have a number of self-service online portals, so basic technology skills such as internet searching are essential”

FAIL! You only have to look at a few item descriptions on their website to see what sort of standard they aspire to. I don’t think anyone at QVC has done an internet search in their life, judging by what they consider good value and the number of times we have had to answer our own technical queries by doing a search because they couldn’t help.

”An eye for detail is also essential as quality customer service is our number one priority”

FAIL! They can’t even spot stains on returned clothing before it’s sent out again, or shopping lists in a returned handbag, etc, etc.


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That's about what I'm on and I work for a local authority, not QVC. It's the norm for low paid and they know folks are desperate for jobs if they don't qualify for benefits. What else do you live on?

I could not agree more, I think the work place has changed so much in the last few years and not for the better, in most cases, I was made redundant five years ago and had to take a much lower paid job in the same industry, with less holiday and benefits, but I do it like a lot of people as I need to work and when I look at job adverts now, the pay is often worse with much more expected of you, but companies get away with it because there is someone else always willing to do it if you don't want to. I would hate to be a youngster going out into the job market now.. What really riles me is whrn companies put in their spiel about how customer orientated they are when really they couldn't care less as long as the money keeps rolling in. I appreciate they are a business but don't come out with all this the customer is at the heart of everything when they really aren't


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What qualifications do you need? Not a lot ....just a knack for scraping poo stains off the back of trousers and picking the hairs out of used toiletries!


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I`ll cut and paste the latest Trustpilot review here which says it all.

Ordered an item from them but when it arrived it was just thrown into a Jiffy bag but even worse, showed signs of being used. They are sending out used products but charging full price for it. I sent it back but only received less than 50% of the price paid and no postage refunded. Their customer service is none existent and staff have a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude. QVCUK has progressively gone downhill, I am not sure if there have been any changes there but if there has been then it’s not working. It’s now one of the worst companies I have had to deal with. Unless they up their game then they will drive customers away. Best to avoid them and save yourself the hassle of dealing with them.

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