Just saying


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I don't like any of her creations or her prices. Just saying.

Actually, I think ending statements with "just saying" is quite clever because it can mean I'm being falsely apologetic, snide, rude, argumentative, forceful, dogmatic, critical - anything I want, without uttering another word. Just saying.
It gets her point across, but it's cheesy.


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Well I think MW's colour palette is bloody awful ! - apart from the knee length tie died print dress in several colours. Even I might have been tempted in buying the mauve one, if it was mid calf and not a knee showing dress.
This style suits Julia and she looks good in the black one. She's short, so it covers her knees. On me, it would be mid thigh.


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Of course they do, they all do it, especially the American brands. If Julia wore a size 10 in those jeans I'd need a 6 as I AM a size 10 in jeans. I am not a 6 unless that's a 36 hip. Every brand has different sizing. I have several size XS tops from Q yet in the Vanucci range I'm an L or XL. Work that out.

On the subject of Julia though, just the last couple of days I've seen her in a pink floral top (Together?), a paisley maxi dress and a top on today's Friday Fashion and she really looked good in all of those outfits.

I don't think that telling us to "go with your high street size" is helpful, because, as you say, all brands on the high street have different sizing. Julia looks so much better in looser fitting garments. Probably, most people do, although some women make a point of going down a size.


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Really funny how we see things differently.
I‘m just not interested in her really loving all MW’s stuff, and that she keeps saying it’s so stunning.
With Marla who’s has done such a fantastic job with her fabulous colour palette.
That such and such looks gorgeous in the drama blanket kimmo, teamed with Marla‘s flatter fit ripple puckered trouser creations.
Much like the high end designer dress shop, you go in getting pounced on and must try on all the creations.
Then you find everything is fabulous, the very minute you step in it or pop it over your head.
Together with the owner’s friend who appears confirming each and every sentence.
Charlatans, the lot of them, but it's entertaining to listen to their manipulative techniques.


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Julia has just reminded us she was on The Price Is Right. How many years ago was this, Julia? And who knew she used to be a game show hostess? She’had an extraordinary career

...just sayin

On a more positive note, I think Melissa is a very good fashion expert. She really knows her stuff and relates well to all the presenters she works with. Don’t think the Marla Wynn’s kimonos/toppers/baggie cardigans/whatever do her any favours though


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Just had a quick look on Melissa’s Instagram, ‘cos I’m nosy and was looking to see if she wore MW “out of work” so to speak.
Still don’t know as I got sidetracked by her beautiful beagle. As a former beagle owner myself, I have now decided that the woman can do no wrong and obviously has exquisite taste 😋


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Pippa keeps on saying “I have to say” before everything. It’s so irritating.


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This style suits Julia and she looks good in the black one. She's short, so it covers her knees. On me, it would be mid thigh.
I wore the black grey version with sleeves yesterday to a friends little girls party. I put some leggings on a really nice thick dense pair. looked nice on. its a medium though and I am a good size 16 and the fit is perfect. MW items run very big imo. But I bought it on eBay for a very very good price not QVC


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Out of all the various sayings that are tossed around nowadays, 'Just saying' is probably my most hated.....and Julia keeps saying it, with a little flirty giggle afterwards 🙄


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She often puts her tongue in her cheek after she's said something particularly nasty. Irritating habit.
She mistakenly thinks such gestures amount to a "get out if jail" card.
If she wants to be nasty live on air, be nasty and don't hide behind weaselly expressions like she does. Some of us at least are not fooled.

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