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Perhaps I’m behind the times in the announcement but…..
Watching a Kim & Co hour with Carla and Charlie, I heard Carla comment about a previous hour with Kathryn wearing a dress they were then showing.
Carla commented to Charlie that Kathryn had been wearing it in a show she’d done with her last week, belted and showing off her baby bump.
At the time I thought oh perhaps she’s slipped up, think she means Edith, as I’d seen her recently in a belted dress. 🤔
Just caught their show repeated so thought I’d look for the hour.
Guessed it was an hour on Style and quickly managed to drop on the correct hour.
Silly me should never have thought Carla hadn’t slipped up at all.
As it does appear Kathryn is expecting.


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Thought she was hiding a lot behind the counters, and then looked a bit tummified later on.

Its par for the course when they've hatched one out, that another comes along 18 months later. The Iliad is another one shortly off on maternity.


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I’ve thought for a few weeks that Kathryn looks as though she’s pregnant, but ( unlike Eilidth!) hasn’t announced it, so I was surprised that Carla mentioned it on air without Kathryn being there.


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Ahhh, how nice and I wish her well.

I don't usually talk too much family here but 2nd nephew's girly is expecting in Feb. I'll be a great aunt. Great :oops:


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