Kathy Taylor leaving QVC after 21 years


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I will have to watch the Morning Show on the 6th May.

Hope she gets a proper send off maybe some flowers etc. After all those years.

Or maybe she will get the Kara Trittion treatment. whose picture they took down even before she left


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I noticed on her CV blog that all the photos were from decades ago. How about one of her and husband as they are now ? I wonder perhaps if he's not well, as she says she doesn't like leaving him while working on qvc. Cant he be left on his own then ? as its not as though she works 24/7.


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I think lockdown has given many people a reset for their lives ... good luck to her ... that’s a long time ..:life’s too short if you’re not happy, that’s for sure I’ve found x
I totally agree, if the past year hasn't shown that you have to take your chance of happiness when you see it nothing will!

I reckon Jenny Blackhurst, another ex Bid TVer will become a regular presenter, she seems to be on every time I channel hop on now as it is.
Spot on Shopps.

Bea Frugal

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One down, only a dozen or so to go! Seriously though, the mention of Kara Tritton reminded me of several ex presenters and how much the standards have dropped in the last few years. Even the ones who know better have lost their better selves. I don’t know how they sell anything these days. It’s a pity.

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