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Now a Gran to Olivia May
I do hope that Rockstv keep the present format once it comes out of Beta mode.
I like the way Tony,Barry,Sarah etc interact with us via the chat box so you feel you are part of the whole experience.
I also like the way Steve is with his wife,he seems to adore her and the children which is really nice to see. I have enjoyed taking part in this new website and have bought several things which I have been very pleased with. I do hope that it is a success and that the prices etc will remain as reasonable and fair as they have been.
The presentation boxes are very nice and not cheap and tacky,delivery is fast and over all I cannot see how this new venture could fail.

So carry on the good work Rocks cos you rock my world.;)


Aberdeen Shopper
I endorse what you say about Rocks, Diamond Girl but I do think it will be nearly impossible to keep up this level of personal service as the site gets busier. I hope I am proved wrong, it is a delight to have a company with a good committment to customer satisfaction and have this level of managerial/owner input. Indeed, Rock On!!

Beady Belle

Just bought my first item , a silver and pearl necklace for £12, can't wait for it to come now.


was that summer?
I agree with everything you say. I love the concept of, and so far they have exceeded my expectations by miles. I feel as though I know the presenters personally! The presentation of the goods for delivery is excellent and they make wonderful gifts! The site is getting a little busier every day, but so far they are keeping on top of things incredibly well. I do worry a bit about Sherridan though, it must be very stressful behind the scenes, she works incredibly hard. As she is getting further on in her pregnancy, I hope she doesn't overdo it.


VIP Shopper
I love rocks too. Bought some nice pieces, very pleased. Prompt delivery - within 36 hours! Lovely presented in the boxes - very classy. Very pleased.


Westcountry wench!
it's wonderful to see such warm appreciative comments for this fledgling venture. it's hard not to be enthusiastic when you're dealing with such lovely people. a little heart goes a long way and the purrsonal touch never fails.


Liverpool Supporter
I think you're spot on Sammi, yes I love the bargain bling (I was a customer back in the full price website days after all!), but more than that I think the personnel are what make this venture special.
I love Steve, John, Sarah, Barry & Carol and the CS is brilliant thus far, Tony & Sherridan are behind the scenes stars. I get the feeling it must be a fantastic place to work.
And of course the chat is great, keeps you glued when the bling isn't what you fancy.
So if anyone from Rocks is reading this, keep up the brilliant work, I've seldom seen such enthusiasm from customers, you're in a great position to build a fantastic business and I'm willing you on to great things.


VIP Shopper
I cant add anything more than i totally agree ROCKS , ROCKS xx:D:D


Westcountry wench!
they all ROCK! fantastic crew. Tony keeps me laughing even when his hair is falling out with the beavering away that he does! Hope Sherridan isn't setting a dangerous precedent for herself with this evening work - mind you, we might get some extra special bargains from her as her brain starts to dematerialise thru the pregnancy :D :D

Sev's Mum

VIP Shopper
Me too, I am really really pleased with my wonderful items, at such great prices! Such fast delivery and great little boxes. I'm just waiting for my CC to cool down!!

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