Kelly Hoppen Home Designs TSV 17/09/21


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I love Kelly Hoppen's designs but they're a bit pricey for me. Plus with geriatric cats in the house, I'd worry about those expensive vases being knocked over and broken.


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I'd never heard of Livingetc, however, in a recent article Ms Hoppen announced that she's broken this beige rule:
‘We’re seeing that beige can be cool and cutting edge. Beige allows you to put your identity into a home using accents of color* – and that means you can change your space constantly. It’s the perfect backdrop,’ Kelly explains. ‘I’m approaching beige differently myself now, too. It’s well documented in my books that mixing it with taupe was an absolute no-no – I even used to lecture this theory sternly in my school.'

What a load of tripe which can be beige, taupe or a mix of the two. As for beige being cool & cutting edge...

*Obviously American, not poor spelling.




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A load of 'Alison Cork' lookalike tripe. - same wholesale warehouse no doubt.


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Yes, you can buy these anywhere. I'll wait and see if KH does any of the long hair throws later on. I've got one but needless to say it's a bit "doggy" so I could do with a fresh one.



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Nothing would persuade me to buy those, and I like Kelly Hoppen. Disappointing.


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I bought my mother some of these a few years ago from Q, might have been Mandy Holden's range thinking about it, but as has already been said, they'll all be getting churned out of the same factory anyway, so it makes no difference who the supposed designer actually is.


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I love B&M at Saltash. It's full of crap I never knew I needed, and cheap! :) It's difficult to spend £20 in there sometimes. I love it. The Range is a little more upmarket but still fairly cheap.
Oh yes, they are my and my sister’s guilty pleasures ! We are both magpies but don’t want to spend a lot of money on our shiny things.


K by Kelly Hoppen Set of 3 Illuminated Spheres
Item Number: 815140
QVC Price £36.00
Todays Special Value Price £29.97
P&P: £3.95
3 Easy Pays of £9.99

This set of three illuminated glass spheres from Kelly Hoppen features three different sizes with tiny holes in the finish so that the lights within them shine through, creating a beautiful sparkling effect. Boasting a neat, wireless design, these elegant spheres will elevate any room as a gorgeous centrepiece, setting the perfect ambience in your home as it gets darker.

Twinkle, twinkle - if you're looking for a new way to illuminate your home, look no further than these sophisticated spheres. With light peeking through every transparent hole in the finish, it gives off a sparkling, starry look that will uplift and inspire when the lights are turned low. What's more, their battery-powered design means that there's no messy wires required to light them, so you can put them anywhere you want.

Hello, home refresh - update your decor in seconds with these gorgeous spheres, which look just as enchanting switched off in the day as they do when lit in the evenings. Whether your home channels a modern look or you prefer a more traditional vibe, these elegant spheres will slot seamlessly into your home's style and look fabulous wherever you put them.

Triple the magic - with three different sizes included in this set, the choice is yours when it comes to arranging them. Cluster them together on the table for a chic, organic ensemble that creates a sculptural look, or line them up in order on your shelf or bookcase for a streamlined feel that will capture your guests' attention when they enter the room. Or, if you'd prefer a touch of sparkle throughout your home, why not split them up and dot them around three different rooms?

What's your favourite? - there's four gorgeous colours to choose from, each boasting Kelly's signature sophisticated style, so all you have to do is pick the one that best suits your decor. Go for classic White or Black for a striking monotone look or opt for Gold or Silver for a mesmerising mirrored finish.

  • Batteries included
  • Indoor use only
  • For large and medium spheres, there are on, off and timer settings
  • The timer setting switches sphere on for six hours and switches it off for 18 hours before turning it back on
  • Please note that the small sphere has only timer and off settings

Colour options:

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold


  • 1 x large glass sphere with 3 x AAA batteries (diameter): 15cm (5.9")
  • 1 x medium glass sphere with 3 x AAA batteries (diameter): 12cm (4.7")
  • 1 x small glass sphere with 2 x CR2032 batteries (diameter): 10cm (3.9")

All measurements are approximate


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