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In some ways people who live on there own might just be cheered up by hearing people talking live so to speak even if they don't buy anything who knows what some people will be like after a couple of months of this


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I live on my own but am not watching QVC for company, barring the gardening shows where Michael is being allowed to actually impart his knowledge, rather than being upstaged by a plethora of unnecessary chatting between guests.

I find the constant waffling that goes on on the channel more irritating than being in lockdown. Thankfully, I am not in the high risk group nor do I have any underlying health problems, so I can pop out to the shops for staple items to break the monotony of isolation. However, if I was one of the 1.5 million who cannot leave their house at all then I think I’d find another source of “live” talk, other than a shopping channel.


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On the local radio this morning, they said that my police force have had numerous calls reporting neighbours who have been going out for a run more than the once a day that the guidelines state. Whilst I agree that people should abide by the current restrictions, I guess the police have got more important things to do to help those who are on a total lockdown, rather than chasing up the selfish, and ignorant, few.

And I agree with you, ohnonitshoppingagain, but unfortunately there will always be people who think that they can flout the “rules” because they think it will never happen to them.


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Did you see the news item where the police stopped a man after he drove over 200 miles to collect £15 window bought off EBay - with his wife in the boot!

Now tell me there isn’t an argument for compulsory sterilisation.
My Mr T had seen it & said that she was in there for the return journey, I'm claustrophobic so that's still my idea of hell. Why did the daft woman go with him?


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In some ways people who live on there own might just be cheered up by hearing people talking live so to speak even if they don't buy anything who knows what some people will be like after a couple of months of this
I live on my own and Amazon Prime films are a Godsend along with Freeview talking pictures and Sony classic channels.


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I live on my own and Amazon Prime films are a Godsend along with Freeview talking pictures and Sony classic channels.
so agree about Amazon Prime and, if you are a big theatre fan, it means you can watch YouTube as well on a proper screen, where the National Theatre are going to be streaming some of their productions. Details are on the NT website and I cant wait! The Royal Opera are apparently going to be doing the same and I believe the RSC/Almeida are going to be on BBC4/iplayer.

I was on All4 yesterday looking for series 3 of Professor T, only to realise I hadnt watched series 2! So thats 26 hours tied up for me.
Just watching an item on our local news about a company who up until 2 weeks ago made blinds and they now have opened a empty sports complex as a workplace and have turned to making plastic visors for NHS and on top of their normal work staff are look8ng for a further 200.

Now thats what I call helping not celebs showing us dancing around their mansions.


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We have been watching lots of YouTube on our tv far better than some of the rubbish on usual tv channels. We also watch quite a few documentary type programmes on NHK World.


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I live on my own and I'm fine, bits and bobs to do. I do have QVC on during the day mainly as background - I'm finding it particularly cringe-worthy at the mo. Not high risk so I can nip out for few mins. But no time to feel lonely because 3 of my nieces and nephews often text me to check I'm ok, and see if I need any shopping. So sweet of them, but I'm only 64 and I suddenly feel ancient !

My brother can't see his girlfriend at the mo as she's a nurse working extra shufts and lives 10 miles away. I know he's lonely because he's started calling me a couple of times a day. Last night he rang at 9.10pm, and the call finished at 10.42pm ! He says he feels it's surreal, he can't settle to do anything.
I have some jobs to do but am rationing them out so I have a purpose and structure for each day. Could have loads more but no DIY materials, no gardening materials and nowhere to dispose of anything so just basically keeping things tidy.

Others have a hell of a lot more problems than we will ever have (assuming health ok) so not moaning just trying to make the best of it.

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I'm currently working from home and I'm having more meetings via Microsoft Teams and Zoom than I have when I'm in work! I occasionally WFH and it tends to be on specific things such as shortlisting job applications or completing some online training, and the laptop will suffice. However, I've had to take over the spare bedroom and set up an home office with my work PC, desk, chair etc. and I've 'twinned' my work phone with my work mobile so I'm fully contactable. I'm quite enjoying it although I do miss face-to-face meetings and stopping for chats along the corridor, having an informal catch-up meeting over coffee and such. I'm very lucky that I can close the door on it at the end of the day - I feel sorry for those who have to set up a home office in their living room, kitchen, conservatory etc. - I was talking to one colleague who is working at her dressing table on a laptop while her husband is set-up in the front room and they're home schooling their two sons between the dining room and kitchen. We can't make our usual trip to Spain this Easter but we've booked time off and I'll shut the door on the 'office' next Tuesday evening and won't open it again until the following Thursday morning. I love the idea of NT on YouTube and I'll definitely be catching-up on a lot of stuff on iPlayer, Netflix and a few recorded ITV shows.
I was on annual leave/taking unpaid overtime so just logging in twice a day to see what was going on but from today I am on furlough (hate that term makes me think of an Americian sailor in a 50’s film) so I don’t even have to do that! I think if I survive this intact it will probably be full time retirement for me.


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I'm trying to avoid big supermarkets. I don't like the queues and other restrictions... and too many bl**dy people!

It may be a bit unpopular to say - I want NHS workers to have dedicated time and to not be shopping at the same time as the general public - especially since we are STILL waiting for the Government to actually get their @rse in gear on testing. Until then it's a risk for everyone to shop at the same time as front-line staff in the battle to contain C-19. I am staying home as much as possible to try and reduce their burden.

It's so frustrating that the Govt've been glossing over the obvious issues with availability of testing (and PPE) and giving us excuse after excuse instead of coming clean and putting out a general appeal for stuff that other businesses have but can't use at present. How many hairdressers, nail salons, paintshops, decorators etc have disposable gloves, masks they could donate? I hate that politicians of all stripes are STILL too concerned with "optics" rather than getting on with sorting out problems.

Working from home is absolutely doable. I got myself a desk in IKEA a year ago... and a free office chair when my place of work was refurbished... and a week before the shut-down, I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse setup. So glad, as it's made working from home far less uncomfortable than it might have been. I've got a few other things on order which will get here eventually.

Currently my sitting room is my office, but that means I'm close to the phone, and I've got the TV. I also have fairly strict discipline about moving to the sofa once it's "downtime". I shut the laptop off at a certain point in the day, and that's that.

We use Teams, not Zoom... and sometimes also Skype.

I get more meetings now - and sometimes people are really bad about phoning even though if they check my status or calendar they can see I'm already in a meeting! We do have a period in the meeting to socialise a little bit.

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