Kipling TSV 14/2/22


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There is a Kipling TSV on 14th February
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I used to buy a fair bit of Kipling. Practical, light and easy care but not elegant in my opinion. Well, they were so wonderful that I have only ever used 1 and the rest are in a box in the little room. All as new in their plastic baggies. I think I need to clear them out, there is about 9 or 10 in there, what was I thinking - crazy! I should have sold them on eBay a month or 2 ago, I could certainly use the cash but I forgot all about them until I read this thread. More evidence of my wild spending days, it will be cathartic to clear them out.

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I have been a Kipling fan for years but feel the design individuality has gone in recent years, or I have just got plain bored with them.I do use them on a day to day basis though, I have a fairly small black satin one which I bought on my last day abroad 3 years ago, quite expensive but those Euro were burning a hole in my pocket.They left the security tag on it which I didn’t realise ‘ til I returned home.Luckily a local Kipling stockist removed it for me after I has retrieved the receipt from the bin and stuck it together.
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I agree, the designs are not what they used to be and I think I got bored as well but there are die-hard fans ot there with hundreds of Kiplings. I have just been looking through the boxes, some of them I will keep but I have set a limit of three so now I have to choose.

ucky you were able to produce the recept and get the security tag removed. I bought a coat from a small boutique shop in London a few years ago. Not my usual kind of shop, more an M&S woman but it caught my eye and Paul said to buy it as we wouldn't be coming back anytime soon. He actually paid for the coat as a treat. I live about 55 miles outside, so it is an expensive train ride. Got home and found the security tag still attached. I had to go back up to London to have it removed. I tried a couple of local shops (M&S and TK Maxx) but nobody wanted to help, I dd ask politely but to no avail. It was a bummer as the coat was expensive, £179 half price in the sale. Not such a bargain with the additional £30 train fare. Oh well, these things happen.


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The same happened to me when I bought expensive Laura Ashley bedclothes in England and unfortunately we didn’t have a shop over here.

Ended up having to cut it out and then darn the hole.

Again on holiday in Prague I purchased a jacket and made sure no security tags, however what I didn’t know was that something was sewn into the pocket lining which triggered alarms here.

Really put me off buying anything that I can’t get back to easily and inexpensively .

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That reminded me a friend bought me a purse and going into certain shops the security alarms were activated.It was so embarrassing even though I was entering and not leaving, everyone has a good stare.I was at the til and one of the assistants took the purse and found a small tag inside that was the problem.I rarely use self checkouts in shops in case I don’t scan something properly & when I leave the alarms go off!


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I like Kipling bags and have a few that I frequently use but lately (and by lately I mean over the last few years) the designs just aren't quite right for me. Too small, not the choice of colour I need, too expensive - there is always something that prevents me from buying. I still regret not buying a velvet bag in jewel colours that was called the Katy bag I think. Must be getting on for 20 years ago now! I comfort myself by thinking that it would have worn out by now!

Moda in Pelle are the same for me, I am a shoe lover so they should appeal but there is always something in the designs that I don't care for. To clumpy, too bright, to glittery. Except for the Weldie bootie/shoe which is beautiful. Put off by the reviews though and by the fact that the back of the shoe always seems to gape on the models.


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Same here, I went bananas years ago when the designs were so different. I even have 2 sequin ones - silver and emerald green cross bodies ! small leather c/body, beautiful lilac flower cabin bag with suitcase sleeve. Sadly in the past decade the styles have been 'samey' and the colours and prints so sludgy and dark. Gone are the days of pale flowery prints or colours.




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The QVC ones are just blah … don’t know why 🤦🏻‍♀️ I go eBay Amazon … I’ve bought QVC in the past but seems such a long time now I’ve been tempted