Kipling TSV 14/2/22


Kipling Premium Tacita Large Shoulder Bag
Item Number: 193257
QVC Price £89.00
Todays Special Value Price £54.96
P&P £4.95

With the premium quality you've come to know and love from Kipling, this large Tacita shoulder bag is a great choice for your collection. Made from their new geo jacquard fabric, currently only available at QVC, we're sure you'll love being one of the first to get your hands on this stylish, practical bag! Also complete with plenty of pockets and a removable strap for easy, on-the-go organisation, this gorgeous handbag will have you feeling good to go whatever the day has in store.

How will you use yours? With a removable cross-body strap as well as comfy shoulder straps, you can choose how to carry your Tacita bag. Go for over the shoulder for work or everyday outings and opt for the cross-body design when you're travelling or running after the kids and need to be hands free. It's so versatile!

Just for you - the gorgeous new geo jacquard fabric from Kipling is currently only available at QVC and this design comes in five chic colours. Opt for Black or Beige for classic style that'll go with anything, or try Scarlet, Azure or Forest for fresh pops of colour to brighten up any look.

A place for everything - the Tacita has multiple compartments and pockets inside and out, so you'll find plenty of space to stash away all your daily essentials securely. Need your phone or keys in a hurry? No problem, there's a handy pocket for them!

  • Comes with a metal Robo Monkey keyring
  • Zip fastening
  • Outer and lining: 100% polyester
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Inner pockets: 1 x open, 1 x zip, 2 x pen
  • Outer pockets: 2 x front zip, 1 x back zip, 2 z side zip
  • Bag (h x w x d): 29cm x 33cm x 14cm (11.4" x 13" x 5.5")
  • Shoulder strap drop: 24cm (9.4")
  • Removable adjustable strap drop: 94cm - 169cm (37" - 66")

Colour options:

  • Geo Jacquard Scarlet
  • Geo Jacquard Azure
  • Geo Jacquard Black
  • Geo Jacquard Beige
  • Geo Jacquard Forest

All measurements are approximate


Totally Loopy Lou

Registered Shopper
I don’t like Kipling at best of times but this is extra ugly!!

The colours are all awful - old grannie beige or primary colours?
And that fabric is nasty - it looks plasticky and crumpled as you say!

Cannot believe ANY one would spend £89 plus £5 postage on it (QVC price!) let alone £60...?!

Dream Girl

Registered Shopper
Just caught sight of this are they using cheaper inferior quality fabrics? This looks like a crumpled mess, well to me anyway! Del boy doing her usual selling out fast’ etc. etc.
I don’t like Kipling at best of times but this is extra ugly!!

The colours are all awful - old grannie beige or primary colours?
And that fabric is nasty - it looks plasticky and crumpled as you say!

Cannot believe ANY one would spend £89 plus £5 postage on it (QVC price!) let alone £60...?!
Especially made for QVCUK then!!!


Registered Shopper
I used to love Kipling and had a lot. I sold a lot of them a few years ago as I hardly used them. They weren't smart enough for work and since the pandemic I work from home so don't need a bag at all.

I don't use large bags these days anyway so it's not for me. I don't like the style anyway so my money is safe.


Registered Shopper
I have a cabin bag with suitcase sleeve that I bought about 13 years ago, big enough for all necessities, is a pretty colour - silver grey with big white Hawaiian flower print, and is still used for all holidays. This was in the day when quality was good and the styles and colours made you really want to buy.


Registered Shopper
QVC have been back peddling for years with their tsvs - first getting the duo offerings at 9 pm which no-one could understand to begin with, then all the nonsense with pre-launches a week beforehand !!! Then most of stock, - regardless of tsv or not, is now on Advanced orders. Couple this with lack of brands and quality of presenters now employed, and its a company on the skids.


Registered Shopper
I used to like Kipling and bought quite a few, a few too many to be honest with you. I don't mind strappy bags that have handles because I like a grab bag and can remove the cross body strap. But, this one is a miss for me. Not keen on either the colours, or the prints and if it is a made for QVC bag, you can forget about good quality. Such a shame, I wonder before Kipling will either drop, or be dropped by QVC?


Registered Shopper
Stop press! I actually bought something - and it's a Kipling bag! Don't worry, I didn't buy it from Q. Going off on holiday for the first time (apart from a weekend in France last year) in over 2 years this Sunday, and it dawned on me that I don't have a suitable handbag to take with me. I don't want to take my everyday leather bag as it would be a bit too cumbersome. I thought I'd take the bum bag I usually take to festivals, but then I thought I'd need something a bit bigger and wouldn't really want to have something around my waist for a whole week. Having no time to browse the shops, my only option was to go to John Lewis online and see what they had and then I could pick it up at work doing click and collect. The most suitable bag just happened to be a Kipling, it'll be great cause it'll fit inside my backpack (hand luggage) and will be ok for the beach 'cause it's washable. It was £67.50 reduced to £30, and free to collect. I still consider this to be pricey. I'm pretty sure I'd have been able to pick something up from Primark for far less money, but sadly I left it too late and just haven't got the time or the inclination to go bargain hunting!
I can't believe I've bought a Kipling bag after everything I've said about them. It does look quite nice and's peach coloured and quite a decent size, and I like that it's a crossbody. Seriously though I'd have been able to claim 25% discount if it wasn't a sale item, but the cheapest Kipling bag was £45 and it was absolutely tiny, so wouldn't have been any good, and would've cost more even with discount. So in the grand scheme of things I guess I've "bagged" a bargain!

Silver Fox

Registered Shopper
That looks a great bag and a bargain! I am hoping to go abroad in April, first time for 5 years ( except for a 1 day trip in 2019) and I like to have a bag which carries everything I need but is not cumbersome, light and easy to carry.There is something about going away that sends me in search for a new bag, as if I need one! I went into my wardrobe and pulled out several suitable, they were Kipling so put them through the washing machine & they are fine.Money saved, can’t believe it!