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Enjoy your holidays girls! Nce bag Merry and well done digging out the Kiplings Silver. I am hoping for a trip to Ireland later this year to see my family but nothing booked as yet. The Canaries are very nice, I have been to Tenerife and Fuerteventura but last time was 2002, I wonder how much it has changed in 20 years.


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I picked up my Kipling bag today, and it's definitely gonna be one for high days and holidays. It's well made and looks like it's gonna be durable, it's got lots of zipped compartments which I like, a mobile phone pouch and a pen loop, and a pouch for a small purse or wallet. My mobile is quite large so it won't fit into the phone pocket, but the wallet pocket looks big enough, so it can go in there. The colour, definitely wouldn't be my first choice, but it was the only colour available - but for a summer holiday, it'll be fine. I like that I'll be able to squash it down into my hand luggage, and that it can be worn cross body, I also like that it's made from water resistant material. Even at £30 I would consider it overpriced, perhaps I'd think differently if it was in a nicer colour - but hey, I've got a suitable bag for the holiday and beach trips etc. I kinda wished I'd had this thought a few weeks ago, and could've looked around the shops for a cheaper one but hey ho, and I've got a rubber monkey keyring, so all is not lost lol!


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I can’t stand this brand and also think it is extremely over priced, if you like the monkeys you can buy them alone.
I don't own a Kipling bag, I just think they are too much money for totally ordinary bags. I don't need a monkey charm. As for holiday bags, my yearly birthday away break is always in Blackpool (yes I know but I'm the rare beast that can't see past it for total happiness) and I only need my little back pack. 2 bottles of wine and a bikini. (that was a complete lie obviously - well the bikini bit) 🍷🍷🍷🍷

I’m not a big Kipling fan but since I semi retired I have found their small backpacks good for out and about. I have a couple bought in sales and bought a few as presents as they were admired. The monkey is the first thing to go in the bin, don’t mind the metal ones too much but not the furry things.

Love a good leather bag but finding them too heavy now.


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Love Kipling bags but don't buy them often like I used to: a bit of an addiction. Sold most of them and have a handful that are my favourites. If I do buy a new one its in the Regent Street store the staff are nice and I get to see what I am buying.


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I love the new look monkeys .:: they are more practical for me .. I can’t stand it when the fluffy ones go a bit old and worn … and they look a bit more grown up lol … son and daughter inlaw
Have back packs we bought them many years ago ..


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I have a few of the older Kipling's the City April range. Really well made.

Now, because I have sciatica and been given a stick to use and told I should get a cross body bag. Had a look in TKMaxx nothing lightweight enough. So looked at Clearance QVC and found this one.

Okay, it's coral pink, but I got the extra 15% off and will do until I can get rid of the stick.
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Donna feel for you with sciatica hope you cope ok. Mr L has it and says it is very painful, he ended up with an emergency back op but has never really recovered - lockdown etc hasn’t really helped as he can’t get out and about which he finds helps, mentally and physically.


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I have a bag like this. In fact I’m on the 2nd one because I like the quick access to my phone which is that top pocket. They usually come in right hand and left hand versions but often only RHS ones which is a pity as I’m left handed


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Bought a lot of Kipling in the past and used to change bags frequently, but like others have sold a lot of them on and I really need to get the box out from under the bed and list the rest.
Now we’re allowed back out and about again have been catching up with theatre and concerts etc and needed a small bag and didn’t really have one that met my needs.
Despite scouring TK Maxx regularly couldn’t find anything quite right.
In the end ended up going back to Kipling and bought the same one (I think) that Merryone showed above, which is a Arto S, but in black with a self coloured geometric print on it.
I’ve found it perfect. Fits the size requirements for bags allowed re: security restrictions and has room for everything else. Phone in pocket on the reverse, hand cream, sanitizer, mask and lippie in front pocket. Fold up shopper in 2nd front pocket and any other bits in main bit. As I use my phone for paying for everything and all loyalty cards are on there I don’t need a purse, just a card holder with debit card (in case Google pay isn’t working).
I use Kipling suitcases and toiletry bags which I’ve had for years and still going strong, a large K rucksack for overnight stays and a smaller neater back pack if we’re out for the day with the dog and need to take water bowls, treats etc.
I don’t think I have paid full price for any…always at sale prices or from Amazon or Vente Privee sales before they stopped selling in UK.
When I’m on holiday I always hanker after an O bag but they are far too expensive and then when you add the interchangeable handles etc it’s beyond a joke for a silicone bag.

When I was in our TX Maxx last week they had a load of O bags so I was very interested. Unfortunately they had been thrown about and some badly scuffed (what is it with people who leave shops looking like Paddy’s market) . After a good look I managed to find a large shopper type (neon pink) and a very small grab bag in sage green. Lord alone knows when I’ll use them but you know what it’s like when you have an itch you just need to scratch!


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I have loads of bags, not just Kipling, BUT why do I never seem to have the right one for the right occasion ? Maybe I should 'plan' a bit more - I figure out what I'm going to wear, but never take the time to figure out the jewellery (boxes and boxes of the stuff) or handbag (which are stuffed in the wardrobe). So its a mad grab just before going out the door for a a necklace to fling on and a bag that doesn't match.
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At one time I used to change my bag several times a week but now it only happens if I’m going somewhere where a different bag is required. I tried those inner bag thingies where you are supposed to just pop into an empty bag and off you go but TBH they never seemed to fit so I found them pretty useless


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Donna feel for you with sciatica hope you cope ok. Mr L has it and says it is very painful, he ended up with an emergency back op but has never really recovered - lockdown etc hasn’t really helped as he can’t get out and about which he finds helps, mentally and physically.
….And Donna … I get it … it rendered me immobile a few years back and I was bent over couldn’t straighten up at all.. it’s awful feel for you and your hubby lovesthingsitalian… I never know when it will strike and I can’t even bath anymore incase it kicks off … affects strength of my lower body. I find that heat pads help loads … and I also find if it’s a cold day and I have not kept my back warm .. it starts .. sending warmest wishes xx


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Thank you! Tenerife this time, never been to the Canaries before!
Love Tenerife. I was due to fly out on 21 March 2020, and heard the news of planes being turned around midair... so just had to wait for the inevitable text cancelling my holiday. Hope to go back next year.
Wear lots of sunscreen, and beware the sun at 2-3pm.


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I have never been to Blackpool. No chances now unfortunately. Yep, I think Kipling is very overpriced and ordinary, nothing that has ever enticed me!
Awww, I wish you could have been in Blackpool just once. I know people hate it but it's such fun. Can't ride the donkeys now though as I'm deemed too fat. I just pay the £5 and walk them down to the pier and back. I always pick "Star" lol. I'm a sad old git.


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