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I had an email from Jennifer Kirk confirming that QVC US has not booked any KF shows for 2014. I know a lot of ST members don't rate KF, but a lot of viewers enjoy the shows and the 'magic' - end of an era. There are shows in UK tomorrow and Tuesday but I wonder how long they will last here.


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Aww no, I really like Kirks. It is a bit daft but I really enjoy the shows and have bought the odd thing.
Sorry, never bought into the brand, and as for that magic dust blowing, least said the better.

Would it be too much to hope that a decent brand would take up the spare slots?


Maybe the men in white coats have finally caught up with her. Fancy thinking that hurling glitter at a camera is spreading love and light into the world! Maybe she has gone away with her fairies. I won't particularly miss her or her whimsical, overpriced tat.


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I bought one piece of jewellery from the range in last clicks. The quality was terrible so I returned it. This was about a year and a half ago. Maybe once upon a time the quality was better but it certainly isn't at the moment. There are not enough people who like the silly fairy dust, rainbow bridge and wind chimes to get away with market stall quality.


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Well I didn't watch the shows or buy the product but kind of sad when a long standing vendor gets the boot. Some people must have liked it and it's good to have a variety of brands and lines on offer.

miss molly

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Dreamkeeper show recently the daughter was asked by the presenter i think it was SG if a beaded wrap was made by the family in America and she said no India.


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Well I think its a shame. I have never bought from this range but as another member as stated its important to have variety. I actually loved the sparkle dust for what it was - a bit of fun.


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I read the QVC US community boards and did know this. In fact her last show on QVC US was in the middle of the night!!!! But QVC have had very very few Kirks Folly shows over the past few years, usually I think around two a year. A fan was complaining about the brand going, but got short shift from the others who disliked the products and couldn't care less about them.

Not a fan, but I do remember Jennifer having a melt down on air in one show with Dale. For some reason she caught sight of herself in the monitor and then it went straight to the younger model. She suddenly started on,OMG!!! I look so old!!!!! thing. Going on about how awful she looked. Dale kept calm and talked her down.


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So she has got 4 hours during the 2 days is it really worth the flight, she is obviously just used when they can fit her in, but I guess she is suited with this Mothers and Daughters thing, as they can say well your daughter sells her clothing on this channel.

My mum used to love the Suzi B range, she still has some of that jewellery


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I don't think Mrs K F treats the 'Fairy Dust' as fun, she sells the bloody stuff along with all the other tat she sells.


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I don't think Mrs K F treats the 'Fairy Dust' as fun, she sells the bloody stuff along with all the other tat she sells.

I agree, and hope her time on qvc uk is ending, imo she is very patronising and smarmy...I find it hard to understand that anyone could believe the utter rubbish she spouts...


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I hope Q keeps her on in the UK TBH.
I do enjoy reading posts that are slagging her off, it fair cheers me up!


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If you buy one her of Pieces, you get a bag of Fairy Dust with it do you, ive never realised that.

Or do you have to buy it, if you have to purchase, shows there are some suckers about


I have a genie bottle brooch which shoots out a little Folly Dust when you click a switch, it came with a small bag of folly dust which I still have. I got it for a song on the good old ceefax twice weekly bargains when my kids were tiny and they loved it! A great distraction to break up arguments or cheer up after bumped heads and several birthday candle wishes were similarly enhanced with a shower of glitter. Only these items came with the dust; they did sell a huge 1lb bag of dust on QVC about 15 years ago

My DD tricked me into heaving her ears pierced when she was about 5 years old; I said she could have them done if she had her pre-school booster jabs without crying. I should have known not to under-estimate her tenacity and so she got her wish. She had a few cute earring bought by my mum, tiny tiny fairies, and cute enameled pumpkins which she has kept for 12+ years. Nana also bought her a beautiful photo frame with a mermaid design.

I don't think even at 5 my daughter saw them as anything more than pretty trinkets but I don't have a problem if buyers also derive some level of sentimental comfort from buying a fairy or angel trinket. I know Mrs Kirk gets criticised for exploiting lonely old dears but no more than anything else QVC sells, beauty, cleaning products or whatever.

I want shopping channels to present lines that aren't on the high street and less of the Dyson, Apple, Clarks etc. I want eccentric characters with niche products and shows that produce shopping telly gold in terms of entertainment so I'd be sad to see Jenifer leave QVC UK.


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I won't comment on the fairy dust and all that. I must admit that Jennifer Kirk always came across as hard nosed business woman - not that there is anything wrong with that I hasten to add. She knew her market and what she was doing. I also got the impression that she would be hard to work with and a demanding employer.


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I'm wondering if QVC US have a far larger range of vendors to choose from, so can chop and drop at will. Not so in the UK. Unlike a few years ago, when it was a joy to actually watch qvc and all the different products, now its limited to mainly their own brands, and the same old range of vendors.

Sadly we cannot access the U.S version, but I cannot be the only one who would purchase from their stock in a flash !


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Aah, well I think its a shame if she is going. Tbh, I quite enjoy watching something a bit different. I purchased one of the very large swarovski crystal wind charms a couple of years ago and it is absolutely fabulous. It is large, heavy and really good quality and I have it in my therapy room and it attracts lots of lovely comments. One of the best things I have purchased and I have never seen anything like it in the shops on the high street! Certainly not tat as some of you may think. In fact its back today on EP

Its all very well QVC getting rid of brands that are a bit different, but they dont seem to be replacing them with any shows with anything that is different, unusal, wow factor etc imo. They just keep adding more and more beauty brands.

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