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love these the quality is off the scale. I know they are just cloths but they clean anything and everything thoroughly and easily. You don't even need any special cleaning solutions. bought loads direct. would buy more they make nice presents for someone getting a new home

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Got ours in grey when they were a TSV for the first time with large and smaller sized ones. Think this will be the third TSV option now.


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I hope they mix the sizes I would like to have the larger size


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Without the smooth side it would make a good hand towel
I occasionally use a large one as a hand towel in the kitchen, but I make sure it’s the soft side that does the initial drying. It’s a bit of a faff so a towel with two soft sides would be far better.


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How do these compare to Spontex microfibre cloths? Are they larger and more plush? I have quite a lot of Spontex cloths courtesy of Costco. Wondering if I can justify the purchase. Agonising over cloths... 😁
In my humble opinion, they are far superior to most other microfibre cloths. I have loads of the “normal” kind and the Koch Blume ones knock spots off them.


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In my humble opinion, they are far superior to most other microfibre cloths. I have loads of the “normal” kind and the Koch Blume ones knock spots off them.
yep there are no spots the kocheblume cloths can't clean. Plain old warm water or at a push washing up liquid and hey presto easy, fast thorough cleaning. I wonder if they want me to be "the brand ambassador"


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I’m not a fan of housework but all your positive comments have persuaded me to order a set. Thanks (I think !).
There are dozens very favourable reviews of the TSV in the past which is the large cloths and the smaller ones. The presentation did say the smooth side of the large cloths is to polish glass and windows etc. Some use them to polish/clean cars, floors, any kitchen surface, windows. paintwork is a must. I love cleaning my greasy cooker hob with a small amount of washing up liquid. The stainless steel cooker hood, anything thing thats dusty, greasy, sticky. it deals with it. Even parcel tape that was used on kitchen doors to keep them shut that came off! They will last many years so worth the investment

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