Koi one Sewing Basket with free Hummingbird Query?


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At Easter when they had there free giveaway, my father ordered the Korbond Sewing Basket with free Hummingbird, which at the time come with a load of freebie extras.

A few days later one arrived, but with no freebies, so he phoned the call centre who went through the items with him which were free, and he told them that they didn't come.

So they contacted the suppliers, to get him a new set, today a new basket arrived, but again with no freebies, which they promised.

He then phoned up Customers Services and they made him sound like he was a liar.


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Sorry if my thread topic looked weird it was due to predictive text.

I meant the Korbond Sewing Machine Basket with Free Hummingbird.

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