Korres Beauty TSV 08/02/22


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I tried the golden crocus serum and actually, though pricey, I really did like it. I then bought a few bottles direct from a greek seller on eBay. It was genuine, same quality and a whole lot less than QVC. Plus, it was free postage, very happy. I would like to try more from Korres, so I will watch this TSV. I hope it is facial, rather than all body care because I have now lost interest in Liz Earle. Such a shame as I once was very committed to LE but too many changes and I just no longer like it at all. So, I am on the hunt for a new regime, natural and cruelty free, not made in China.

Has anyone got any experience / advice about Korres facial products at all? xx


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I had a TSV with trial sizes and I think there was face cream but I bought for the hand cream. Unfortunately (and I have very dry skin) none of it was exceptional. Wouldn't rush to buy again in fact the Avon olive oil hand cream that cost about £1 was much better. I won't be going for this.


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