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I have a basket to check out today and was browsing clearance section to see if there were bargains left
I found this kunzite ring, it would be my first kunzite piece. I know the piccies on GTV are [email protected], maybe someone here has seen this ring aired?
The kunzite and diamonds are of a good size, as I really dislike the 1mm diamonds, but the majority here are 1.5 mm. I would have preferred an 18k setting though.
I have it in my basket for £146
You can't see the video now, as I added it to my basket


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Hi Tia, sorry but I'm haven't seen this piece aired so have no idea how pink the Kunzite is. As you say its hard to tell the true colour from the link but I would say the design is very pretty and it has a very good diamond weight.

I looked on the future webs game section and there are no Kunzite at all to choose from and very little in the 'shop' so its hard to compare value for money. In the past Kunzites have varied in colour tremendously, it became a matter of luck in getting a good 'un. But if you are lucky then it is a lovely gemstone to have and I hope this one turns out to be perfect for you.
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milk in our tea

Awwwww, agan: decisions, decisions lol
I need to check out before 8 pm, and can't keep all....(have a TP pendant and zultanite in my basket already)
I must throw out or the kunzite or a diamond ring.
The diamond ring I won last week in a game, but threw it out at £140. This sunday I snatched it again at £99.
I know Gemstv diamonds can be hit and miss, but the diamond size is fine


If it sparkles - grab it
Here's the video link for the kunzite - the colour looks really good in the video:


Obviously no guarantee that yours would look as good, but definitely worth getting home for a look-see.

I think I saw the diamond piece on air a while ago too - baguette cut diamonds! Again, worth a look if you like the design. GTV's diamonds are very hit and miss, but you'll never know until you've seen it IRL.

Also, did you know that you can still delete items from your order online after you've checked out, provided that your order hasn't yet been shipped? So even if you check out both these items now, you can still change your mind.


ohh Tia that kunzite ring is pretty


milk in our tea
I still haven't made up my mind.... Hmmm i didn't know I could delete items after I completed my order? Thanks MM, this gives me a bit more time to make a decision lol


£99 for a half carat of diamonds is excellent value,

Kunzite - you'll struggle to get a ring in 18k gold with bigger diamonds for £146!

So both are good value.

As you say, the diamonds could be pants. The Kunzite could be pale. So I guess you've got to decide which one you HAVE to see and would regret passing up the opportunity to do so.

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