Laura Geller TSV 23/2/13

Ooh v close to my birthday....I could be tempted. Did I dream it or has there been a thread speculating about a US TSV that might be ours next?

Jude xx
I wonder if it'll be the Off the Vine TSV that they had in America just after Xmas:

I'm sure there was a discussion that,that was it.

Im not going for it.Sent last one back and this one is too pink generally (I don't do pink).Eyeshadow looks like lots she brought before.
Not keen on the colours showing on so I'll wait to see the AD colours. I did like the Phenomenal Foundation she used to sell so I won't discount it completely.

Jude xx
Oh I was just looking at b&b , mine has just about run out and it was the TSV from last march.not bad for a product used every day. Only thing is I can't read what colour I ordered and its gone from my account details on the back. The writing has rubbed off on the back so I am stumped, seems it only comes in 2 colours now. Doesn't look like this TSV has b&b so I won't be getting it
I said I wouldn't go for the last TSV and did and apart from the eyeshadows have been very pleased with it. I may well take the plunge with this too as I've used her Phenomenal Foundation before and been very impressed with it, with B&B over the top it gives flawless coverage. I'd be interested to see what was in the AD too. Hope there's more details soon. :rock:
Ooh, Auto Delivery! Wasn't massively into these colours, but will be interested to see what is in the other shipments.
Well I have just read that someone ordered B&B in medium and when it arrived it said regular on the back, I cleaned up the back of mine from the TSV and it said regular so I am a happy bunny and I have place and order for that and tinted spackle.
Mine has lasted 10 months, I don't see the point of the AD, by the time I came to use it there would have been other LG TSV anyway so I decided just to order the things I wanted now
Has anyone else received an invite to the Laura Geller workshop on the 22nd February? I'm disappointed as it sounds like a good day but train fairs are so expensive!
I don't think I'll be going for this one. Having waited for the last one to come all the way to Oz I was very disappointed with it. The eyeshadows are way too warm and the highlighter seems to be a different formula from one i got previously, it's far too chunky and gritty and broke me out after using it just once. The blush was nice and the lipgloss is also fine but this TSV looks too similar to the last one to chance going for it. Shame as I absolutely love my LG.