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I agree. I bought my mum a mini Le Creuset casserole dish last Christmas for a surprise (it was a surprise how small it was lol). She loves it, just the right size for a mum sized apple crumble.



Le Creuset Cast Iron 26cm Shallow Casserole & 32cm Grill Pan with Cookbook
Item Number: 809765
QVC Price £320.00
Todays Special Value Price £199.98
P&P £0.00

This cookware set from Le Creuset comprises a 26cm cast iron shallow casserole pot with a large, flat shape and low sides, ideal for browning, simmering, stir frying, baking and serving, along with a 32cm cast iron rectangular grill pan to make light work of grilling chicken, steaks, fish, vegetables and more, plus a cookbook to help you get the best from your cast iron cookware. Create memorable meals with the help of this versatile and stylish duo, with each piece fit for the oven, hob or grill you'll be spoilt for choice deciding what to cook first.

*A great saving: if you were to buy the cast iron 26cm shallow casserole, 32cm grill pan plus the cookbook directly from Le Creuset after today you’d pay £320. So for our Today's Special Value price of just £199.98 and no P&P, you’re saving £120.02.

Lifetime guarantee - through pride of the workmanship in this quality cookware, the original purchaser of these pans is guaranteed for a lifetime, whether it's a self-purchase or received as a gift!

Signature cast iron design - both pieces in this collection boast Le Creuset's signature cast iron design, making them suitable for all heat sources including on induction hobs, in the oven or under the grill. The cast iron construction also means they retain heat, helping with even cooking and browning, and enabling your creations to stay warmer for longer once removed from the heat. In addition, the casserole comes with a lid for locking in heat and moisture during cooking for succulent mouthfuls.

Multi-functional cookware - whether you fancy trying something new in the kitchen or already have a few favourites up your sleeve, these kitchen essentials will help you to bring together a wide variety of dishes. The shallow casserole is perfect for browning meat and vegetables, simmering casseroles, stir frying, baking and serving, while the rectangular grill pan allows you to sear meat, fish, vegetables, fruit or even bread with little to no oil for quick, delicious results and those covetable char lines.

Practical at every stage - every detail of this duo has been well-thought out, from the large, easy-grip handles that make the casserole pot easier to move from hob, to oven, to table, even when wearing gloves, to the toughened enamel interior that helps make cleaning both pieces a breeze.

A colour for every cook - available in a wide range of colours, this cookware set will look stunning in any kitchen whatever your style. Fans of cool tones will especially love Coastal Blue or Marine, while Cerise or Volcanic are perfect if you're after something that stands out from the crowd. Flint and Meringue are both fantastic choices if you're seeking something sleek and more neutral to suit your decor.

Colour options:

  • Flint
  • Marine
  • Cerise
  • Volcanic
  • Coastal Blue
  • Meringue


  • 1 x 26cm casserole (l x w x h x d): 35.2cm x 27.8cm x 11.9cm (13.9" x 10.9" x 4.7"); capacity: 2.2L
  • 1 x 32cm grill pan (l x w x h x d): 38.5cm x 21.8cm x 3.1cm (15.2" x 8.6" x 1.2")
  • 1 x 'The Cast Iron Way to Cook' cookbook - featuring over 60 mouth-watering recipes

All measurements are approximate



I would like to get this set but it just too heavy for me without putting food in the casserole. There is a good choice of colours.


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I would like to get this set but it just too heavy for me without putting food in the casserole. There is a good choice of colours.
I’ve had a five set of Saucepans & a casserole for at least 35 years & still going strong. Got a 5 set of saucepans for £40, expensive at the time, but I know now was a cracking buy.


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I love the look of them, but as others have said, they're just too heavy and I'd have to leave them all out all the time because I couldn't risk my back when I was putting them away and taking them out. Same, unfortunately, with the Aldi one which looked just about the same but was much cheaper.


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I have this grill and the casserole, I think my casserole is bigger. I bought them separately years ago and used to use them often. Now that it’s just the 2 of us at home they rarely come out. This was a good deal and I am not surprised it has sold out. Love Le Creuset but the pans etc are too heavy for me now.


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I love my Aldi dup and it is fab have used it loads.
Me too! I have two Aldi ones in different sizes and I love them. Had them a few years now and they still look as good as new.
I replaced my oven last month and whilst it is exactly the same size on the outside to fit in the built in unit the inside is narrower.(probably something to do with insulation regs?)

Downside none of my oven trays fit, just a smidgen too narrow. I’ll have to take a trip to TK Max as they do a good range of unusual cookwear.

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