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Did anyone see the new American presenter Leigh-Anne (?) over the weekend? We've recently had Roxy for two weeks and she was obviously the first to trial the exchange of the UK presenters for the USA one's.

Leigh-Anne was OK, she needs some practice polishing her presentation skills, which is only to be expected but I'd only seen her during the day. This morning she did the early show and I found her loud and her accent extremely irritating, not a good combination for early morning's! I'm sorry I like to wake up gently with everything quiet and peaceful :sleepy: :mysmilie_496:so I had no option but to turn her off, I appreciate she's new and has to find her way and of course everyone needs to settle in, I know she can't really help her accent but perhaps she can tone it down for me it was too much, if they're going to schedule her in the morning slot I won't be watching :mysmilie_514::mysmilie_468:


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I saw her this morning and, as you say, somewhat on the loud side. She was also making some crazy claims with fantasy prices. You know the sort of thing "if you were in a boutique" and "back home in America. She advised us that if we went to a bead shop or hobby store we could expect to pay £9.99 for a little bag of 10 crystal rondelles (the metal ones set with diamante type crystals). Maybe that is true somewhere, but I pay a little over that (about £11) for 100. Someone must have fed her this as surely she hasn't been mooching around the bead shops over here when they have such an abundance of craft and jewellery stores over there. I'm getting so cheesed off generally with shopping telly, why can't they just say here it is, this is what it's made of and where it comes from, and this is how much it costs along with the odd laugh here and there. All this misleadng stuff is just turning me away from the telly and even deeper into the internet so that I now buy here and abroad, and only occasionally from the telly. More often than not even then it's from the websites and not direct. xxxxxxxxx

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And these days with the internet the excessive claims can so easily be disproven

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